Greenville #045;#045; more than just a few historic buildings

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 7, 2001

Greenville was recognized yet again last week with an honor from This time, Greenville was recognized as the most historic site in Alabama.

Driving through the city, it's easy to see why residents are so proud of their heritage and their city. Beyond the Martin House, the Butler County Courthouse and the Ritz Theater are many other historic sites that residents have every right to be proud of. Many cities throughout Alabama have historic sites that hold much significance from the past, but are not well-maintained.

Recently, Tom Braxton, president of the Butler County Landmarks Foundation, made the comment, "Without a strong sense of our past, we cannot move forward into our future."

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And Braxton was on the mark.

Beyond serving as beautiful scenery, the historic buildings of this area serve as a reminder -- a reminder of those who came before us. It serves as a reminder that the generations before us believed in this city and wanted to create a city that would not only be beautiful, but would be a safe community in which to raise a family.

The mere fact that these buildings have great upkeep shows that the residents of Greenville love their city, are proud of their past and have continued to build a foundation to stand on in building for the future.

Congratulations to the City of Greenville for remembering the past and continually moving forward into the future.