Dixie Ponytail All-stars tourney begins

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 7, 2001

Sub-district competition opened Thursday night at Greenville's Softball Complex for the Dixie Girls Ponytail Division competition, with five teams entered in the tourney.

No action was seen by Troy, the fifth team in the competition, when they drew a bye for night one.They will play on Friday night.

Andalusia 12, Opp 3

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Andalusia made a strong showing over the hosting Opp, coming out with three runs in the first inning. The early errors made by Opp, combined with stolen bases following base hits and walks, caused Andalusia to take an early lead.

Regan Griffin led the way for Andalusia with three runs in the game, from two singles, one each in the first and sixth innings and a walk after being hit by a pitch in the fourth.

By the third inning, Andalusia had a 6-0 lead over Opp.

In the fourth inning Opp received a reprieve, with three runners crossing home plate. First baseman Adrian Ellison walked on balls, then stole second and third bases.

Next up, third baseman Kasi Crover walked after a full count.

Jessica Elmore followed, also walking, as did Maggie Lawson, who brought Ellison in to break the building shutout.

A base hit by center fielder Bridget Jacobs brought in Crover, followed by Audrionna Schofield, who, although she went down swinging after a full-count, gave Elmore the chance she needed to steal home. Another out was made by Mercedes Larkins and the side was retired with Opp gaining back half of their deficit, 6-3 Andalusia.

But Andalusia held Opp back for the remainder of the game, while doubling their own score.

In the bottom of the third, Andalusia's right fielder, Jamila Couch scored following a walk off a full-count and then stealing both second and third.

Couch came through the plate after an error by Opp's left fielder on a fly ball hit by catcher Meredith Greene. Greene was thrown out after Opp's second baseman made the cut-off and nailed her at third base, retiring the side.

Although in the fifth inning, Andalusia's Jessica Johnson was the only scoring runner, they again came alive for two more runs in the sixth and final inning, after a phenomenal triple by Andalusia's Greene, who also came in during a third to first sacrifice by Holley Bass.

When the game ended, Andalusia was the victor over Opp, with a final score of 12-3.

Greenville 15, Elba 4

Game two for the night saw Elba host Greenville on its own home turf. In the first inning, Greenville capitalized on Elba's wild pitches and errors, bringing in seven runs for ten at-bats.

Leading the way for Greenville was pitcher Haley Burnette, shortstop/pitcher Brittany White, first baseman Abbie Mullins and third baseman Michelle Hulick. Each scored two runs throughout the game. Burnette's runs followed a walk after a 0-3 count, and then a single in the top of the fifth, the latter getting her safe on first after an error by Elba's second baseman. When White followed Burnette to the plate in the fifth, she notched a single on the second pitch, getting an RBI when Burnette crossed the plate.

Mullins walked twice following full counts.

Also scoring with one run each were Kristi Garlock, Chelsie Hulick, Carie Coker, Kayla Garlock and Shelly Burt.

Burnette pitched a no-hitter for the first three innings, and was then relieved by Frances Watts, who was relieved after one by Brittany White, and then returning Burnette.

Coaching strategy enabled Watts and White to be saved for the next game's pitching, while Burnette got credit for the win.

For Elba, catcher Krystan Parker led the team's scoring with two runs, one each in the fourth and sixth innings.

Also scoring one run each were Valeria Hutcheson, Haley Stinson, Melanie Mularz, Anita Holloway, Hannah Manning, Heather Reeves, Ashley Carpenter and Kayla Miller.

Lindsey Leverette, Reaves and Carpenter each pitched for Elba, although Leverette got the loss.

Games three and four will be played on Friday night with the first pitch during the Greenville/Troy game beginning at 5:30 p.m.