Greenville Dixie Boys take second

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Elba 16, Highland Home 4

In game five of the 14-year old Dixie Boys All-star sub-district tournament on Monday night, Elba delivered Highland Home its second loss, eliminating them from further play. Leading the visiting Elba team was Josh Smith with a two RBI homerun in the fourth inning. He also scored in the third after a double.

Ryan Gibbs, Tanner Medley, Aaron Harrison and Luke Taylor all crossed the plate twice.

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Matthew Hataway, Clark Skinner, Jamie Wise, Heath Parker, Drew Donaldson and Adam Spicer each scored one run. Parker was credited as the winning pitcher.

For Highland Home, catcher Mason Wells led the team with two runs scored. Donny Frazier and Tony Merriweather each scored one run following singles.

Merriweather was the losing pitcher.

Luverne 7, Greenville 6

Luverne emerged the victor after 10 long innings of play in game six, hosting Greenville on O.G. Holley Field.

Zack Kilcrease led the Luverne team with his homerun in the fourth inning as he sent Corey Walden ahead of him to the plate. Walden advanced to first after being struck by a pitch, and had stolen second base.

Walden would end the night with two runs, the second from a single.

Also scoring twice was Lance Myers, who made the first and last run of the game, breaking the 6-6 tie downing Greenville with an RBI single by Dequarious Reed.

Josh Sexton and Daniel Brown also scored one run apiece.

The winning pitcher was Josh Sexton.

Chuck Barrett led Greenville with two runs, including an over-the-fence homer when he got one RBI for sending Daniel Hartley into the plate. Barrett's second run followed a double.

Brandon Anthony, Dusty Coker and Cory Ausderau each scored one run. Ausderau gained two RBIs, one for Barrett and one for Coker.

Before the night was over, Ausderau was replaced as catcher by Josh Booker, after Ausderau sustained a broken hand from a hard thrown ball.

Barrett was the losing pitcher.

Greenville 4, Elba 3

In game seven on Tuesday night, Greenville eliminated Elba after 10 innings of play when Matthew Holley crossed the plate for the tie breaking run.

Scott Corley, Brandon Anthony and Daniel Hartley each scored one run.

Corley was credited with the win.

The turning point of the game was when, in the top of the tenth inning Elba's Ryan Gibbs failed to tag home plate while coming in. He was nailed after the fact by a toss from Corley to catcher Josh Booker.

For Elba, Josh Smith, and Austin Smith also scored one run.

Clark Skinner was the losing pitcher.

Luverne 6, Greenville 5

Going into game eight, Greenville brought a record of one loss against hosting Luverne's undefeated status.

Luverne broke the silence first with two runs in the first inning, one each from Lance Myers and Josh Sexton.

Greenville made the board in the second when Daniel Hartley, himself on base following a double, advanced following a double by Dusty Coker.

In the third inning, Luverne's Daniel Brown scored one run after belting an out-of-the-park homerun.

Greenville retaliated in the top of the fourth inning with runs scored by Justin Murphy, Dusty Coker and Rashad Knight. Knight was credited with two RBIs following an error by Luverne second baseman Daniel Brown.

After four full innings, Greenville was ahead, 5-3.

In the fifth inning, Greenville was unable to advance, and Luverne notched one run following an RBI from Brown, who sent Lance Myers in to score, making the five inning totals Greenville 5, Luverne 4.

Neither team scored in the sixth inning, and Greenville was prevented from scoring in the top of the seventh.

Then, after Luverne retired from the field, Myers and Sexton each walked to first.

"DQ" Reed also walked, to load the bases.

Then the tables turned in the favor of Luverne when a single by Brown turned into two RBIs, tying then breaking the tie, with a final score of Luverne 6, Greenville 5.

Following the last inning, both teams were presented with trophies for jobs well done by Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Gregg Fuller.