Commission moves forward on new jail project

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 4, 2001

The Butler County Commission took yet another step forward in the new jail project at its meeting on Thursday night. In an executive session, the commission met with Butler County Attorney Calvin Poole to discuss the possibility of a new jail administrator.

The commission also approved a reimbursement resolution, authorizing the commission to use money out of the general fund for expenses for the new jail that will be reimbursed upon final approval of a financing plan by the Butler County Building Authority.

In addition, the commission rescinded a resolution that was passed on June 11 that gave Charlie Brown ownership of the house currently located on the Kent property, the site of the new jail. Law mandates that because the property is of some value, the commission must open bids to give the public the opportunity to also bid.

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The party with the highest bid for the house will be responsible for removal of the house from the property and any debris that may be left. "If it ends up that there is no one interested in the house, then I suggest we turn it over to the volunteer fire department. This department is in constant need of property like this for training," said Chairman Gary Hanks.

The commission will open bids for the house at their August meeting.

In other news, Butler County Engineer Dennis McCall requested a resolution for the commission to enter into an agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation for the first bridge project in the Garvee-Bond Issue Bridge Project.

"The goal of the project is to replace all structurally deficient bridges in the state," said McCall. "This will be the first project in Butler County."

The first project will consist of replacing four bridges -- one on County Road 43 in Mashville, one on County Road 65 over Hall's Creek and two bridges on County Road 16 at Brushey Creek and Rocky Creek.

The commission also tabled bids on a spray injection road repair machine. The low bid was given by Joe Money Machinery at $30,220, but the machine did not meet all the specifications. The second bid was given by Maintenance Equipment Company at a cost of $40,350 for the Durapatch machine. However, due to the large price difference, the commission voted to reject all bids and to ask for a rebid.

In the call for bids for the self-propelled belt loader, also for the county road department, one bid was presented at a cost of $118,292. However, upon first discussing the need for the machine, the commission estimated a budget of approximately $75,000. Due to the difference in the budgeted amount, the commission made a motion to reject all bids and negotiate the price.

McCall also stated that the traffic studies on County Road 17 and Boswell Boulevard have been completed. According to a law recently passed by the Alabama legislature, unless otherwise posted, all county paved roads have a set speed limit of 45 mph unless otherwise posted. Completion of the recent traffic studies determined that the speed limit on County Road 17 will remain at 45 mph and the speed limit on Boswell Boulevard will be set at 30 mph. According to McCall, signs have been posted on both roads.