Support the animal shelter

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2001

As of last weekend, the Greenville Animal Shelter opened its doors on Saturday in hopes of promoting pet adoptions. The idea is that families have the most time to spend together on Saturday and when looking for a new pet, all members of a family should be involved.

"Choosing a pet is a family decision and the best opportunity for a family to be together is Saturday," said Becky Coon, a representative of the Greenville Animal Shelter.

The shelter is currently home to several dogs and kittens that greet visitors with a bark and a purr.

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Beyond helping to place strays in new homes, the shelter also recovers lost animals and tries to help owners and pets come together again.

When asked how long the shelter is able to keep the animals before they have to be put to sleep, Chris Waller, a representative of the shelter, said, "We like to keep them for as long as we can."

The staff at the shelter takes very good care of their orphaned friends and Dr. Watson, the local veterinarian, provides one free check up for animals that are adopted. He also gives the shelter and the Butler County Humane Society free medical advice and medicines for the animals.

Shelter staff members urge family groups to make use of their pet adoption service, especially on Saturdays.