Dixie Minor All-stars

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Enterprise 5, Greenville 2

An out-of-the-park homerun by shortstop Michael "Little Mike" McDonald Jr. Friday night topped the action for Greenville in game one of the Dixie All-star sub-district tournament, but Enterprise ended on top.

McDonald hit the ball over the centerfield fence in the top of the third inning, sending left-fielder David Stephenson to the plate ahead of himself. Stephenson was on first following a single.

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Enterprise scored in the first inning on a homerun by first baseman Jay Martin, although no other runners were on base ahead of him.

Greenville played good defense in the second, preventing any advance in the Enterprise tally.

In the third inning Enterprise catcher Davis Potter sent shortstop Robert Brooks and first baseman Jay Martin ahead of him to score when he hit a homer over the fence.

Enterprise again scored in the bottom of the sixth inning when second baseman Korey Whitlock scored the final run of the game.

Pitcher Alvin Harvin was credited with the win for Enterprise, and Adam Moore pitched the loss for Greenville.

Luverne 15, Elba 8

In game two for the 13-year-olds, visiting Luverne's Ryan Brown, catcher, topped the scoring for the Crenshaw County natives, with four runs in five at-bats.

Brown also led the team in stolen bases, with five successful attempts.

First baseman Jessie Dixon scored twice in the game, as did left-fielder Shawn Nelson and right-fielder Shane Corley.

Shortstop Klein Jones, pitcher Andrew Armour, center-fielder Fred Hawkins, third baseman Justin Jordan and second baseman Cody Wilson each scored one run.

Elba's pitcher, Mark Windham, crossed the plate three times in the game, walking on balls twice and getting hit by the pitch in the sixth inning.

Windham also led the team with three stolen bases.

Center-fielder LaRay Williams and shortstop Chase Boutwell each scored twice.

Right-fielder Lonzo Cooks, left-fielder Hunter McGuire and first-baseman D.J. Stinson each notched one run.

Armour was credited with the win for Luverne, and Windham had the loss for Elba.

Greenville 14, Elba 4

Starting Saturday evening's action in game three, Greenville put Elba out of the tournament with a resounding victory, in spite of an early injury.

In the first inning of play, pitcher Adam Moore and left-fielder David Stephenson were ahead of shortstop Michael McDonald at bat, and each were on base when McDonald hit a double.

It appeared that McDonald had repeated his attempt from the night before with another homer over the fence in centerfield, when the ball bounced on the ground inside the fence before it left the park.

McDonald slid in safe at home plate following a second baseman David Moore single, and it was during the slide that he jammed his thumb, to the extent he had to be benched for the remainder of the game.

Also in the first inning, catcher Brady Newton and center fielder Justin Hester were able to score runs.

Adam Moore led the scoring for the night, scoring three runs. Third baseman John Golson scored twice, and Stephenson, second baseman David Moore, Brady Newton, and right fielders Jake Newton and Justin Bozeman scored one run.

Elba was prevented from scoring until the fourth inning, when center fielder La Ray Williams, second baseman Chase Boutwell, third baseman Stephen Hines and left-fielder Adam White each scored one run. Hines and White each hit doubles.

Adam Moore was given the win for Greenville, and Dusty McDowell the loss for Elba.

Enterprise 13, Luverne 3

In the final game for Saturday night on McNaughton Field, Enterprise gave Luverne their first loss of the tournament.

For Enterprise, shortstop Robert Brooks scored five runs on five at-bats, with two hits to his credit.

First baseman Jay Martin was next with three runs from a two hits and a double. Pitcher Alan Harvin had two hits and two runs in five at-bats, followed by catcher Davis Potter, left-fielder Derek Lewis and right-fielder Blake Dunaway who each scored one run.

For Luverne, catcher Ryan Brown, shortstop Klein Jones and first baseman Jessie Dixon each scored a run.

Harvin was the winning pitcher, and Fred Hawkins the losing pitcher.

Luverne 13, Highland Home 2

In the first game of the tourney for the 14-year-old Dixie Minor All-stars, two Crenshaw County teams were pitted against each other. Luverne surfaced as the dominant team, giving Highland Home their first loss.

Pitcher Daniel Brown led the scoring for Luverne with three runs, notching two singles and a base on balls.

First baseman Dequarius Reed, right-fielder Bryce Dixon, catcher Eddie Walker and center-fielder Daniel Norton each scored two runs.

Second baseman Lance Myers and shortstop Josh Sexton each had one run.

For Highland Home, shortstop Jarrod Owens and first baseman Seth Thierfelder each scored one run.

Brown was the winning pitcher for Luverne, and Donny Frazier the loser for Highland Home.

Greenville 10, Georgiana 0

In game two for the 14-year-olds on Friday night, pitcher Chuck Barrett Jr. delivered a no-hitter against Georgiana, shutting the team in crimson out after four and a half innings of play.

Shortstop Brad Heartsill scored two runs, one after a double; left-fielder Justin Murphy also delivered two runs.

Second baseman Mason Bass, first baseman Dusty Coker, catchers Cory Ausderau and Josh Booker, and third baseman Scott Corley each scored one run.

Barrett received credit for the win, having pitched three innings. Corley and Hartley each pitched one inning.

Georgiana's Jeffrey Webb was the losing pitcher, having pitched for three innings, while Jonathan Stinson pitched one inning.

Luverne 11, Elba 5

Luverne more than doubled the score of hosting Elba in game three, opening Saturday evening's action at O.G. Holley Field.

Third baseman Corey Walden led Luverne's scoring for the game, delivering three runs for three hits and a walk on balls.

Second baseman Daniel Brown scored two runs, including an RBI homer in the third inning. Left-fielder Lance Myers, shortstop Josh Sexton, first baseman Dequarius Reed, catcher Eddie Walker and center-fielder Daniel Norton each scored one run.

For Elba, shortstop Drew Donaldson led the scoring with two runs, followed by third basemen Heath Parker and James Wise, and center-fielder Tanner Medley with one run apiece.

Zack Kilcrease got the win as pitcher for Luverne. Josh Smith and Clark Skinner shared the loss for Elba, having pitched three innings each, while Tanner Medley pitched one inning.

Highland Home 14, Georgiana 6

Highland Home knocked Georgiana out of the tournament, delivering them their second loss, after a long battle through six and a half innings of play.

Pitcher Jarrod Owens led the scoring for Highland Home with three runs; two after walks and one after a base hit.

While first baseman Seth Thierfelder only scored one run in the game, he had an impressive four RBIs for the evening.

Center-fielder Tony Merriweather scored two runs, one each from a double and a single.

Third baseman Chase Massey also scored two runs, after walking twice on balls.

Left-fielder Will Pouncey, second baseman Ryan Campbell and catcher Mason Wells each scored one run.

First baseman Allen Blackburn led scoring for Georgiana with two runs, each coming after doubles.

Third baseman Justin Ray and left-fielder Daniel Ballard each scored one run.

The winning pitcher was Jarrod Owens and Jefferey Webb was credited with the loss.