Dixie league action around the county

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2001

Expos 9, Dodgers 8

In four-and-one-half long innings of play, the Expos and Dodgers stayed neck and neck until in the fourth, the

Expos made a one-run lead, and held it to the end.

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Topping the score for the Expos, Brandon Matthews and Eli Blackmon each were credited with a homerun; they each also scored twice more on singles.

Nathan Branum scored two runs, one from a homer and one on a single. Darryl Starks also scored on a double.

For the Dodgers, Jerome Cook topped the night with two runs n the first resulted from a home run.

Dylon McNaughton also scored twice, from a pair of singles.

Bringing in single runs were Royce Tolbert, Andrew Hones, Caleb Luckie and Quarnario Cook.

Indians 12, Cardinals 5

In game two on the left-hand field, the Indians defeated the Cardinals by a score of 12-5, with Miller Owens leading the way.

Owens, wearing the number seven jersey, crossed the plate three times, with two singles and a double.

Stuart Matthews, Hunter Armstrong and Dalton Burns each came through with two runs, and Rush Nimmer, Matt Sheffield and Scott Bentley were credited with one run apiece.

Armstrong's third at-bat produced a grand-slam homerun, bringing in Sheffield, Bentley and Matthews ahead of him.

For the Cards, Jonathon Scott led the pace wit two runs, followed by Shaun Jones, Burt Luckie and Jake Sawyer with one run apiece.

Mite League ends with Red Sox as champs

In a demonstration of what real baseball is about, the kids of the Mite League finished their season Thursday night, and when it was through, all were smiling.

Topping the teams as the league champions was the Red Sox, led by Coaches Kenny Burkett, Bubba Singleton, Cindy Phillips and George Till.

The Sox finished the season undefeated, with a final record of 9-0.

In Thursday night's action on Dunbar Field One, Todd Burkett led the Sox to their win over the Yankees, with a final score of 18-5 in three innings of play. Burkett came through with two triples and a single in three times at bat, scoring each time.

Following closely behind was Stephen Till with a triple, a double and a single, scoring thrice also.

Michael Watts also scored three runs, with three singles to his credit.

Jeremy McGinty and Cole Stinson each scored two runs; Stinson had a double to his credit.

Also coming to the plate for a score was Kevin Taylor, Bud Thagard, Alex Bowden and Cody Boggan.

For the Yankees, Gray Vinson led the scoring with two runs, on a triple and a single.

Abbey Blackmon, Mitch Young and Ryan Smith each scored one run.