Keep the green#039; in Greenville

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2001

One of the most notable aspects of Greenville is the beautifully kept landscape of the entire city. From the pristine interstate exit to the historic Butler County Courthouse to the rolling hills of Cambrian Ridge, the green in &uot;Greenville&uot; rings true to its name.

Keeping the city beautiful is not just important to the residents, but also to the local government. In fact, there are not too many cities that keep a full-time horticulturist on staff. Some of the projects that the horticulturist is responsible for include the landscaping of the exits (certainly an eye-catcher to interstate passers-by) and the new sports complex.

The city council also includes in its agenda of biweekly meetings a section on weed and debris violations, which comes directly from Article III of the Greenville code. This section specifies the point at which untended yards and accumulated trash becomes a nuisance.

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If a person/business does not follow the code, then they receive a citation from the city. However, time is granted to correct the offense.

Because Greenville is a major exit on Interstate 65, many travelers come into the city

some only for a refill of gas or food and some to spend the night. The beauty of the city is one aspect that travelers notice right away. However, residents are lucky

it is an aspect that we appreciate everyday. Keep the &uot;green&uot; in Greenville.