All-star fever is a friendly time

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2001

The time of year that all baseball and softball players look eagerly forward to has arrived.

It's All-star time again!

City workers in all departments are working like busy ants stocking up the hill for the winter, in preparation of hosting the first round of the Sub-district games in the Dixie Minor League division of the All-stars.

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Most of the teams have been selected in all divisions now, although a few still lack wrapping up.

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the town and her hospitality to those that would visit from outside our "little world", and let all know why e-Podunk said we were the top small town in America.

But, dear readers, this involves all, not just the folks both salaried and volunteer, that are a part of the Parks and Recreation clamors.

It will require everyone to expect and anticipate more traffic in our fair city, and to drive accordingly, in "careful mode" (like we are supposed to do anyway).

It will mean expecting people to ask for directions to different locations n the manner in which replies are delivered will go a long way in setting the tone for all times to follow.

Each time an event draws outsiders into the community, it gives us an opportunity to make a lasting first impression, and we only get one shot at that n the effect our good hospitality has, and its resultant fruits are apparent as new industry moves into town.

Keep that in mind, at all times.

If we can make one person talk in a positive manner of our community, they will tell someone, who will tell someone, and so on and so on, until someone in an advantageous position, such as CEO of a company hears the words of praise.

No one wants to go where they are not welcomed, but everyone comes back to a friendly place, at least one more time n perhaps even bringing friends and neighbors with them.

And people, that means revenue, both for the businesses that employ our citizens, and the city that funds our programs.

It is simply a "win-win" situation.

Besides, of the teams that have been selected ("Our All-stars"), everyone is an ambassador to the community they live in, and win or lose, remember, they are all winners, they are all our stars, and they are what it is all about.

Shifting gears, this weekend's maiden voyage at the new ball complex went off without a hitch, and all folks on hand were full of praise.

Roughly 1,000 folks were in town on Saturday, and all brought their purses, billfolds and lawn chairs with them.

Every single comment from anyone within earshot of this correspondent was singing positive notes about the facility, the community, the staff at the park, and that is one more feather in the cap of our wonderful Camellia City.

With all the good things that have been happening in Greenville of late, our caps will soon be looking like an Indian Chief's headgear.

Yeah, that's the ticket n has a nice ring to it.

Keep up the good work fellow citizens, the end result will certainly be positive, and Greenville will continue to grow and be the place we want our children to raise their children in, knowing how proud they will be to tell those "one time" stories to their own grandchildren someday.