Red Sox stomp A#039;s, 10-2

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 16, 2001

In Dixie Majors action this week, the Red Sox put a beating on the A's with Bill Cates leading the way, carrying the scoring with two runs.

Of the four times that Cates came to the plate, he went two and two, with two pop fly outs and two singles.

Clint Philpot, Jon Wright, Brian Little, Brad Joyner, Joseph Ryan, Craig Jones and Adam Lockhart were notched penned each one run.

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Little was the big hitter for the night, hitting a double in the first inning, but getting left on third when the sides retired.

For the A's, Jimmy Moody came through at the plate following a double in the fifth inning, and Michael Bozeman had a run from a single in the fourth.