Small turnout for public hearing

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 9, 2001

Concern for the proposed site of the new Butler County Jail posed questions in only one Greenville resident at Thursday night's public hearing before the Butler County Commission.

The concern of the resident was the proximity of the jail parking lot in relation to her house. However, the resident

had no objections after Commission Chairman Gary Hanks showed her the location of the property in relation to her house.

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"I don't blame you for being concerned," said Commissioner Daniel Robinson, "but when this jail gets built, you'll be safer than the one in town now."

"I was expecting more people, but we just had the one lady who was worried about the location of the parking lot. After they showed her where the lot was going to be, she seemed satisfied and had no objections," said Commissioner Joe Hendrix. "We had a few people sitting in last night, but that was all. I think the location of the new jail is just ideal."

Before settling on the location at the corner of Walnut and Bell Streets, the commission had discussed building the new jail on the county-owned property near the airport. "The county owns five acres out by the airport, butwhen a prisoner has to be in court, that would require sending a car out to get him. It would just cost too much money," said Hanks.

The property behind the present jail was also discussed for the future construction, but, according to Commissioner William Phillips, "the property wasn't suitable for it."

Discussion concerning the new jail will continue at Monday's regular meeting when Reese Rainey of Gardnyr Michael Capital will appear to discuss financing of the project.

Other items on Monday's agenda that will be discussed include:

renovation of the Bulter County Courthouse Annex;

Belle Peavy Tax Collector insolvencies errors and taxes in litigation for 2000;

amendment number two for FY 2000-2001.