Let#039;s put a stop to crystal meth

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 12, 2001

Area drug task force agencies have been working diligently to stop drug activity in their respective counties for several years now.

Thankfully the Second Judicial Drug Task Force recently received funding for them to continue their war against drugs in Butler, Crenshaw and Lowndes Counties.

Perhaps the main focus of law enforcement agencies in recent months has been the fight to rid our streets and alleys of Crystal Methamphetamines.

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This dangerous drug is manufactured in homemade laboratories from products which can be purchased at any local hardware and drug stores.

The concoction created is either smoked or snorted by the user, who experiences such side effects as extreme paranoia and jitteriness among others.

The scary thing is that when this drug is being made, if the person manufacturing it is not very careful the combination of flamables used can become unstable and explode.

Entire buildings have been destroyed by such explosions caused by those who were attempting to make this drug.

To eradicate Crystal Meth would be a blessing for all citizens of this area.

One of the characteristics of the drug's manufacture is a strong ether-like odor which can be smelled many yards from where it is originating.

Law enforcement officials urge anyone who smells such an odor on a regular basis to contact them immediately. All citizens should help in this effort to get this dangerous drug off of our streets and out of our neighborhoods before we are blown sky-high as well.