Etceteras, Etceteras

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Lots of activities and events are coming up in our area in the merry month of May.

If you noted the title of the column, you may have guessed I have a 'potpourri' for you today---a mixture of recent sights, sounds, et al. around town and country along with a look at upcoming opportunities to be involved in the community.

And, who knows, some readers out there could be featured in a future story in this paper.

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To paraphrase the great Will Shakespeare . . .Read on, MacDuff!

Honeysuckle . . . is there a headier, sweeter, more intoxicating fragrance that doesn't come out of an expensive bottle of perfume?

When I walk out my front door I catch a tantalizing whiff that only grows stronger as I cross the road to the mailbox, where its post is entwined with the yellow and white-blossomed vine. Even if I get nothing but junk mail and bills, it's a rewarding trip just for the olfactory treat.

The other day I noticed a beautiful new 'roadside attraction' not far from my housethere, amidst a tangle of grass and weeds was a cluster of wild roses, vivid pink in hue, brightening both the landscape and my day.

All my allergy problems are at least temporarily forgiven and forgotten when I drink in nature's fragrant perfume and glimpse its beauty.

Delightful! Let's all take time to smell the roses (or honeysuckle, as the case may be)…

As expected, I had an absolutely glorious time at the library's preview book sale last Friday.

Everywhere there were stacks and piles and boxes of books through which I could browse and rifle and lovingly handle.

(I truly don't think computer texts can ever replace the pure pleasure of holding an old-fashioned bound book in your hands-at least, I hope not.)

Little conversation actually went on inside the conference room; we bibliophiles were all too busy hunting down THE book bargain (even if it meant crawling underneath the tables to do so.

Hey-- I wasn't the ONLY one) . . .

We book lovers are quite a mannerly lot, to be certain.

There were plenty of murmured "pardons" and "excuse me, pleases" heard as patrons shifted from box to box, table to table, stack to stack, tote bags and grocery sacks growing bulkier by the minute.

I noted many attending took my advice and brought their own oversized bags in which they could carry home their spoils.

Burke McFerrin, library director, got quite a laugh at the sight of my giant blue duffle bag.

Hey, whatever works . . .

I personally have no desire to shoot an animal (except with my camera), but I dearly love to 'bag' a shopping bargain. When said bargain is practically my favorite thing in the world, books, I'm in 'hog heaven' as the old saying goes.

It's like icing on an old-fashioned red velvet cake to know my dollars were going to a great cause from which we all can benefit, our public library.

I doff my flower-trimmed hat to Burke McFerrin and her staff for another successful sale.

Speaking of flowers, I will be journeying with Madeline Murphy and the good ladies of the Pride of Greenville Garden Club on this Thursday to visit what they tell me are some

fabulous gardens near the Jemison area.

What a treat this will be!

Because of my trip, I won't be here for a couple of important events on that date---First Baptist's "National Day of Prayer" service from noon until 1 p.m. and the Achievers Banquet that evening at 7 p.m.

I encourage all that can to attend these events.

The first recognizes and reinforces the idea that our nation's leaders very much need, and can be influenced by, the "constant prayers of the godly person."

The second event gives recognition to many fine young high school seniors from all our area schools.

I have had the pleasure of teaching some of these young people and they are living proof that the younger generation is NOT "going to the dogs."

I would also like to mention the "Ladies Night Out" at Southside scheduled for this Friday night, May 4, at 7 p.m.

All moms and daughters are encouraged to come and celebrate with a meal, fun and inspirational fellowship together.

You NEED to buy your tickets by today---they are available for $4 a person through the church office.

Come out and join my gorgeous white-haired mom and me for a great evening, won't you?

Let's not forget about the Butler Activity Center's hosting of the Tri-County Special Olympics next Thursday, May 10th at Tiger Stadium.

I'm sure Center Director Sheila Martin can still use willing volunteers to help with this very worthwhile event . . . let's show out-of-town visitors what a great and giving community Greenville is!

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is coming up on the 11th and 12th of this month.

'Cancer' is an ugly six-letter word nearly all have been touched by. Let's support this very important cause and help wipe this dreadful disease out . . .

Last of all, as a World War II buff and daughter of a veteran of that war, I am interested in putting together a story involving any area veterans who participated in the D-Day Invasion into Normandy, France on June 6, 1944.

If you are or you know of a D-Day veteran from our area---please contact me at 382-5145 (you may leave a message) or e-mail me at Any recollections, old letters, photographs or other memorabilia that could be shared would be of great help.

God bless---and have a marvelous month of May, everyone!