School tax vote is May 1

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 28, 2001

The fate of the ad valorem tax for education in Butler County will be determined Tuesday, May 1.

The 12-mil tax is a renewal of the tax currently in effect that expires in October 2002. The Alamaba Constitution requires that the tax be approved by voters every 10 years, and Butler County voters voted against the tax in November.

The tax provides about $1.5 million in local funding toward the Butler County Board of Educaiton's $22 million annual budget. There is $13.5 million in local funding that depends on the local matching' money.

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Butler County School Superintendent Mike Reed said the county's tax rate is significantly lower than the state average.

"In Butler County, we have an 18.6 mil equivalent. The state average is 33 mils. That means some counties pay 50 or 60 mils," he said. "Every school in Butler County has a clear status as issued by the state department of education. That's the highest rating you can have, and we're doing it for less money."

The official polling places, which will all be open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. are precincts: 0050-Steiner's Store, 0060-Midway, 0072-Harrison's 0080-Searcy Volunteer Fire Department, 0090-Manningham, 0100-Monterey, 0112-Forest Home, 012-A New Greenville Armory A-F, 012-B New Armory G-L, 012-C M-R, 012-D S-Z, 012-H New Health Dept. A-Cap, 012-I Car-G, 012-J Lew-O, 012-K Lew-O, 012-L P-Si, 012-M Sm-Z, 0121-Central Fire Dept. A-K, 0122-Central Fire Dept. L-Z, 0123 Dunbar Center A-Cap, 0124 Dunbar Center Car-G, 0125 Dunbar Center H-Lew, 0126 Dunbar Center, 0127 P-Si, 0128 Dunbar Center Sm-Z, 0160 Rocky Creek, 0171 Center Hill,

0182 McLain's, 0011 Providence Community House, 0022 Industry, 0130 Garland, 0141 National Guard Armory A-G, 0142 National Guard Armory H-O, 0143 National Guard Armory P-Z, 0147 Chapman Post Office A-L, 0148 Chapman Post Office M-Z, 0150 Friendship 0181 Bolling, 0191 McKenzie Town Hall A-H and McKenzie Town Hall I-Z.