Mountains high and valleys low

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 28, 2001

This had been somewhat of a whirlwind of a last few days, it seems.

Lots of activities are getting into gear as we go into the flow of springtime.

Over the weekend, George and I faced the challenge of needing to be, at times, two places at oncena trick that would really come in handy, but sad to say, one not mastered by either of us quite yet.

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Now I must explain my title for today's column. No, I didn't go up to Talladega for the races and decide to scale Alabama's highest point-nearby Mount Cheaha-while I was in the neighborhood.

(I lived in Talladega for three years and left town every weekend a

race was held, so you can easily figure out what kind of NASCAR fan I am.)

Nor have I been hanging out in any literal valley-type geographical formations.

I am speaking today in metaphorical terms about those ups and downs in life to which none of us are immune.

I t all came home to me so vividly this weekend.

On Saturday I enjoyed a first time visit to Crenshaw County's Family Day where I was invited to share my vocal talents with the folks in attendance.

It was such a beautiful day and Mom and I really enjoyed our country drive from Honoraville to Luverne, seeing all the people out preparing their flower beds and their gardens, everybody soaking up the warm sunshine and gentle breezes.


Lots of folks had turned out for the event and the kids were having a blast playing on Turner Park's playground equipment, hula-ing their hoops and blowing gigantic soap bubbles. There were clowns and balloons and most everything was free-and lots of families had a great time being together, which was the whole point of the event.

It was cruising upwards toward a mountaintop experience, I'd say.

I'd been fairly nervous about my performance due to my unpredictable voice-would it croon or croak, I wondered-and had slept very little the night before.

The adrenaline rush kicked in, though, and I executed my quartet of upbeat, bouncy Christian tunes with pretty good pipes.

(No one plugged their ears and none of the pooches present started howling, anyway.)

I love to sing and to see my audience get involved and it felt really good-definitely on that mountaintop now!!

By Saturday night my allergies and sinuses were in full enemy attack and I could feel my tired old middle-aged body sinking into valley status again.

Still I struggled to make last minute final

preparations for the Sunday School class I teach and mulled over all the things I needed to do . . .

So I didn't sleep again. My husband coaxed me out of bed and into the shower Sunday morning.

My mouth was dry, but the vocal cords seemed to work OK.

Maybe I would be able to sing my special at the worship service after all.

It was such a toe-tapper it should help put a smile on all our faces, I felt. My spirits were lifting yet again.

Then I found out at Sunday School that one of my most faithful students, Latrelle