Eagles shutout Tornados

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 25, 2001

In one of several cross-town rivalry matches, Greenville Academy and Fort Dale Academy faced each other in baseball, and although FDA scored 15, GA was fruitless.

In the first inning, the Tornados sent three batters to the plate, and each returned without a run. Cauthen led off with a grounder to short, and was quickly thrown out at first. Next, Winters popped a fly ball to left field and was out. Then Andy Moore hit a ground ball to third, and was thrown out at first.

For the Eagles, Langston led off the order, and struck out after a one and two count. Next Crenshaw hit a fly ball to left field and was caught out. Philpot managed a base hit, and was followed by Cates, who hit a flyball to centerfield, and the side retired.

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In the second inning, pitcher Philpot retired the side in short order, pitching three strike outs in a row to Little, Michael Moore and Brantley.

When the Eagles came to bat, Brock led the order with a single after a two-two count, and managed, as Joyner was at bat to steal second base. Next Hollyfield sacrificed with a grounder to second, giving Brock the opportunity to advance around third and score, Hollyfield was thrown out at first.

Moody was next at bat, and hit a ground ball to third, getting thrown out at first, and the sides changed.

In the third inning, the Tornados sent out four batters, Bowens, McGough, David Moore and Cauthen. Bowens was nailed by a groundball to first; McGough walked after a full count, then Moore swung and missed after a full count. The side changed after Cauthen went down swinging after a full count.

The Eagles came back determined to score in the third, and that is what they did. Sorrells, Langston, Crenshaw, Philpot and Cates all scored runs. Philpot and Cates each were credited with two RBIs, and Brock also.

So after three full innings, the score was 6-0 Eagles.

Going into the fourth, GA sent six batters to the plate, in their most active inning.

Winters led off with a double, and advanced to third on an error by the Eagles' Moody at the plate, followed by Andy Moore with a single. Next, while Little was at bat, Moore managed to steal second base.

Little swung and missed after a one and two count, and was followed by Michael Moore who also struck out after a full count. Brantley was next, and made a base hit after two strikes.

The side retired after Bowens struck out.

The fourth also was productive for the Eagles, with runs scored by Sorrells, Langston, Crenshaw, Philpot, Cates, Brock, Joyner, two strikeouts from Holleyfield and Moody, another run by Langston, and with Crenshaw on third, Philpot on second and Cates on first, the side was retired after Brock struck out.

So at the end of four, the score was Fort Dale Academy 15, Greenville Academy zero.

In the fifth and final inning, The Tornados sent three batters out. Phelps, Strickland and Winters all struck out, and the side changed.

The Eagles managed four batters in three outs. Tucker led the order with a single and made it to second via an error on the part of the Tornados catcher. Then it was Barrett who struck out, Moody that popped a fly to short, and Till was caught out when he hit a foul ball to the third base line.

The game ended with Fort Dale victorious in the cross-town rivalry, 15-0.