When does life really begin; when does it end?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 21, 2001

If life begins at 40, when does it end?

Certainly not at 50, 60, 70 or 80.

I'm here to prove that it does indeed extend past four score.

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I passed that landmark (80) last Saturday, and am starting into the final fifth of the century, first as an octogenarian, and WAGONS HO, toward the 100-year mark.

During my lifetime, I have been awarded a pair of distinctions that have made this brief candle (my life to date) burn brightly-with nary a flicker.

One of those number one recognitions of achievement occurred in 1949 A.D. (52 years ago) when my beautiful bride (a.k.a. Nina Louise Little) accepted, and sealed our union.

The other achievement is the award granted me by my male offspring on Saturday last. This came in the form of a tribute I'll hold and nurture for my remaining years.

Big "C's" accolade follows:

80 years ago today a little fellow entered this world. His given name is Colin Herbert MacGuire-almost everyone knows him as "Buster"-to me he is Big "D".

Big "D", both you and Mama have taught me a lot. The main lesson is that if you have friends, you stick with them through thick and thin-you are either a true friend or no friend.

I am very thankful that you are my Daddy. I could have felt sorry for myself and have had a bad attitude on life, but because of your guidance, I was able to live out a dream-working with the Alabama Football Team and to work closely with a man named Paul "Bear" Bryant.

Big "D" you are the top of the line-I am very thankful you have made this great milestone in your life; hopefully 20 years from now all of us here will be celebrating your 100th birthday.

Please pardon the above personal notice of achievement, which may mean little to our Advocate readers, but for this old curmudgeon it is invaluable.

"I told you so"

By Mae L. Burkett Williams

Now that the "Golden Years" are here

How do we spend our days

Do we "Live it up" in a brand new sphere

Or, are we too old to change our ways.

Are we retired from our daily tasks

From all the "little things" that must be done

Or must we wear a special mask

In trying to hide the "Race we've run".

We hurry to doctors all over town

Hoping for relief from our aches and pains

But when we get the prescriptions and bills

We're barely able to complain.

So, just keep the Golden Years in mind

It will keep you on the "Go"

And I'm sure you soon will find

That it's true, "CAUSE I TOLD YOU SO".

(Dedicated to my friend, Mr. Buster MacGuire)