Stephenson to Board: No public funds have been spent#039;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 21, 2001

Allen Stephenson, chairman of the Friends of Butler County Schools Committee, before a crowded house Thursday night told the school board the campaign's funding is accountable and legitimate.

During the regular meeting of the Butler County Board of Education, Stephenson spoke to the board and all present, to explain the financing of his committee's campaign.

"I can assure anyone concerned that no public funds have been used in the financing of our campaign for the Ad valorem tax issue," Stephenson said. "The only money that has been spent has come from donations, and our records are clear and accountable to the penny-I would like to add that our records are open to public inspection."

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Stephenson said he was actually disappointed with the opposition, but not because it existed.

"I'm really disappointed that anyone who voiced concerns to others, or in writing to the media has not come forward at any of the special meetings or public forums to voice their questions publicly," he said.

Dr. Mike Reed, superintendent of the Board of Education echoed the sentiments of Stephenson.

"I wish to assure the public also that the financial records for the school system have been audited by the Alabama Public Examiner's Office, and are open to public inspection also, as a matter of public record," Reed said.Regarding the impending election on May 1, Stephenson feels confident.

"We are confident that the public will come out to the polls and vote Yes' in this tax renewal," Stephenson said. "Remember, we are not voting on a new tax-we are also on the side of right, for the sake of our children."

In other business, the board:

approved a request for medical leave-of-absence from Judy Campbell, aide at GMS

approved a letter of resignation from Sadie Lindsey, custodian at GMS

approved retirements for Jan Black, Bonnie Pettie and Gloria Watson

approved a positional transfer for Amy Bryan, from English teacher at Greenville High to Director of Butler County Community Education Center; also the employment of Haden Horton for the position of Secretary at the Butler County Community Education Center.

approved the adoption of textbooks

authorized bids to be advertised for routine summer painting and repairs

approved a request for Butler County Child Nutrition Program to act as vendor for the City of Greenville Summer Feeding Program

renewed a lease with the City of McKenzie for use of McKenzie High School's baseball and athletic fields

granted permission to send notification letters of non-renewal

tabled employee contracts until future meeting

Approved expenditure of 20-percent state at-risk funds.