Dixie Minors opener held

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Monday evening four teams of nine and ten-year-old boys gathered with their parents and coaches for opening ceremonies, held at Day Memorial Park.

The teams, coaches and players were all introduced on the loudspeakers, as they ran out to lineup on the first and third base lines, and following the playing of the National Anthem, the season was officially opened when Councilman Steve Norman threw the first pitch of the season to Joseph Sipper.

The teams are: Cardinals, Blue Jays, Cubs and Braves.

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In the Dixie Youth League (ages 11 and 12), which will hold its opener on Tuesday night, there are five teams rostered: Dodgers, Astros, A's, Braves and Orioles.

"Registration is still underway for the Dixie Majors," said Jerome Harris, director of Parks and Recreation. "We are waiting for the high school season to end before we form the Majors up."