I like sunflowers seeds, but they don#039;t like me!

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2001

I learned several years ago, actually from some kids, that there was an easier way to eat sunflower seeds.

It actually appealed to me, partly because it saved effort, and partly because I enjoy salty foods.

To be more specific, depending on the size of your mouth (I won't dispute the fact that my mouth is big) you can actually, through practice, put several sunflower seeds in your mouth at a time.

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With the smaller packages, I could manage two mouthfuls per pack.

The idea was, I could be doing something else, like shooting pictures at a ballgame, without having to constantly pick the kernel out of the hull, by cracking the hull with my teeth, chewing the kernel, and spitting out the split hull.

No problem to have as many as 50 or 60 seeds in my mouth at a time.

But then there is the "double-header" factor.

Last Saturday, I was at the ballpark for a double-header that actually lasted six hours!

Went through two-and-one-half packs of sunflower seeds.

But the problem wasn't readily apparent. Not until I awoke on Sunday morning.

I guess maybe it was too much salt-surely it couldn't be a new-found allergy-but my right cheek and jaw were swollen, and my lip was blistered so bad that I think it will probably be a long time before I ever desire another sunflower seed.

I haven't even put much salt on my food since that time.

Maybe because it was the first of the season, and the seeds had been salted so long (that doesn't seem possible) that they burned through-who knows, but one thing is certain, I don't want another for a while!

Another funny thing about that double-header.

At the beginning of the first game, it was warm enough that I was actually thinking about sunburn-but boy, when that sun went down, it got cold!

My jacket was with all my other jackets, at the house, (where they were nice and warm, I'm sure), and my knees were knocking.

Jessie (my daughter) offered me a jacket several times, but being the macho kind of guy, I proudly refused each time. Next time, I will take her up on it.

The fans even had blankets on them, sitting in lawn chairs. It looked like a football game, and actually felt like football weather.

Oh, well, guess I will learn someday.

I look forward to seeing you all at the fields, supporting your favorite teams.

Until then, I will be way out in "Deep Left Field".