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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 7, 2001

School Counseling week recognized

Community members and the Butler County School system are recognizing the nine school counselors during National School Counseling Week, February 5-9.

The week-long observance, kicked-off by Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon signing a proclamation declaring the celebration, will include several special activities designed to bring recognition to the services provided for students and their families by the counselors.

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"School counselors are a valuable key to success for our students," said Mayor McLendon. "They accompany parents as they encounter challenges, and they focus on positive ways to enhance the social, personal, educational and career development of their children."

The theme chosen by school counselors for the 2001 observance of Counseling week is Proud past, bright future.

On Monday, the couselors received flower arrangements from Elizabeth Wilson Florist, provided by local Air Force recruiter Matt Shephard.

There will be other gifts for the counselors during the week as well.

As a part of the week-long observance, the daily announcement forms used in classes will contain motivational quotes to be read aloud to the classes by the teachers.

In addition, the faculty and staff will receive a flier each day, to read and then post in classes.

In the Butler County School System, there are nine counselors throughout the system.

Jackie Abrams is counselor at the McKenzie School, Amy Boswell and Jean Lockley are counselors at the Greenville Middle School, Janice Daves is at Georgiana High School, Chandra McNaughton is at R.L. Austin School, Betty McQueen is at Greenville Elementary School, Margaret West is at W.O. Parmer Elementary, and Pat McNaughton and Joanne Schrantz are at the Greenville High School.

Also scheduled during the week is a luncheon on Wednesday, to be held at Cambrian Ridge.

The event will be provided by Dr. Jean Thompson, who served as president of the ASCA during 1979 and 1980, and also as president of the American Counseling Association during 1984-85.

Other area businesses have also provided for special gifts to be given to the counselors, and the week-long event will end on Friday, with refresments during break periods provided by Petty Officer Robert Cornwell of the United States Navy.