Voter registration updates to be mailed

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2001

It is that time again…time for the Voter Registration Office to mail out verification forms to residents of Butler County.

"The law requires that we verify voter registration information," said Probate Judge MacDonald Russell. "Many times, citizens will move away, and forget to transfer their voter registration time, and this is what we must do to determine that all voters are registered properly.

"Valera Rudolph, chief registrar, Nancy Sowell and Carolyn Crenshaw will be mailing approximately 15,000 postcards in the next two weeks-these cards are for update purposes."

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"It may be that a person's information has never been transferred from a former address, or that, for some reason, we have not gotten their new mailing address-whatever the case may be, we need to get all information verified."

Russell said that the verification card is not the only way that information gets updated.

"Sometimes the information can be changed at the polling place, there are cards available for that purpose," he said. "One thing is certain though, if you don't verify your registration information by the next election, then you will be purged from the voter list."

Russell said that when persons receive the cards, if all of the information is correct, than it does not need to be sent back.