Revise the Clinton legacy

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 27, 2001

Several years ago, the Clinton administration promised a stronger economy through free trade with the U.S. neighbors.

It did not take long for Butler County to feel the impact as company after company closed its doors and moved south.

Butler county has seen at least eight major companies leave for the cheaper climates south of the U.S. border since NAFTA's inception.

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Though it is often hard to blame any one thing on a declining economy, we believe NAFTA is a good place to start.

The treaty should be revisited, and consideration should be given to changing it, particularly when it comes to trade with nations whose governments are riddled with corruption and drug lords.

Eight years ago, Clinton and his lot promised everything to everyone to push NAFTA through Congress.

Almost all of his promises fell through n including the promise to provide more jobs.

With the return of the republicans to office, one of Bush's top priorities should be to take another look at the grotesque wart on the U.S. economy.