PC’s for special needs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2001

WO Parmer receives donation of two computers

Sometimes it takes special attention for children with special needs.

Special attention can come in many forms and shapes. From the special training and talents required for teachers, to the special, extra' care and patience demanded by children with special needs.

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But, fortunately for the children of special education classes at W.O. Parmer, they have a special friend' in their corner.

Margaret Simpkins has shown enough of an interest in those special needs that she has donated special, high-tech assistance for their classes.

Simpkins has donated two personal computer systems (PCs) to the school, for use in the special education classes.

"Ms. Simpkins has graciously donated a laptop computer and also a desktop computer system to our special education program," said Carol Teague, the school principal.

"The technology that is available to assist our teachers in special education today far exceeds that which was available years ago," said Wayne Boswell, coordinator of special education. "Another valuable piece of equipment here is the augmented communication device' that one of our student's parents has made available for use in the class."

Special Education Instructor Angela Meridith said that she is better equipped to teach because of the enhanced computer systems.

"The response that we have seen through the use of specialized computer programs is that the children can communicate better, and they enjoy learning," Meridith said. "As long as there are special needs, there will always be room for special friends."