Man escapes wreck

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2001

A Montevallo man received minor injuries when his dump truck overturned, spilling 27 tons of rock at roadside north of Greenville Monday morning.

Robert Bice, 25 years old from Montevallo, was transporting 54,000 lbs. of rip-rap' (boulders of rock) to Andalusia, when shortly after 10 a.m. he swerved his truck to compensate for slipping off the right shoulder of the road on Ala. Hwy. 263, approximately 2 miles north of Sherling Lake.

The resultant swerve shifted his load, and his vehicle overturned on it's left side, dumping his cargo on the shoulder, and slinging Bice into the door.

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"It was not a fun ride, and I don't ever want to do it again," Bice said, after he was examined by Greenville Fire Rescue paramedics, and emergency personnel from GEMS ambulance.

"My wheels drifted, and I went off the right-side shoulder," Bice said. "I think what happened after than was a term called over correcting-It wasn't anything nice, that's for sure."

Bice was traveling in convoy with another truck, hauling their payloads to a bridge project in Andalusia, for A & B Leasing, in Montevallo. The other driver called for assistance after the wreck occurred.

"I probably have broken my wrist, and I have a good knot on my forehead," Bice said. "I told the paramedics that I didn't want them to take me to the hospital-I will go after they (highway patrol) get here and take care of my truck."