Back in full swing again

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Now that all of the holiday hoop-lah is behind us for another 48 weeks or so, sports is starting back up, and things will start falling back into place again.

I had the opportunity to cover the Greenville Academy Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, and although it was an all-day affair, the folks at G.A. really know how to put a tournament on. I think that every aspect was covered.

The fans had places to sit (although it was packed to capacity), the weather was cooperative, and the atmosphere was conducive to a good-hearted meeting for clean competition.

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There were plenty of concessions available, and I heard more than one coach say that they felt the tournament was well organized.

When you think about the task of getting seven school teams together for a meet, it might not seem like a big deal, but the fact is, not only were there seven teams, but 104 athletes competing on two mats!

Now, that is quite simply, a horse of another color. Take also into consideration that there were three officials to oversee each match, and rules that require a certain amount of rest for each athlete between

competitions, and the scheduling becomes a little more task-heavy.

But the fact remains the same, no matter how many variables is added, they just do it!

The Tornados have one more regular season meet before the State Championship meet to take place on Jan. 27, and if you have not ever seen a wrestling match (Greco-Roman wrestling is nothing like "Professional" wrestling), then you won't want to miss it.

These boys really work hard, fighting tremendous odds, and also variables of nature and physics, to try and overpower the opponent into submission long enough to count the fall.

On another venue, basketball season has picked back up also.

The two AISA teams are slightly ahead of the AHSSA with their schedules. The private schools will finish-out in the first week of February, and the public schools will last until the second.

Then, of course, there are play-offs, but I will cover eligibility for those in another writing.

Until next week, from way out in "Deep Left Field", stay careful, and keep warm.