Show consideration while shopping

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2000

The holiday shopping process is a ritual of standing in long

lines and fighting for every last toy.

Parents are seen at

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all hours with big packages in one hand while dragging a

child in the other as they complete their shopping.


the holidays see more and more people waiting to the last

minute to do their shopping.

This creates even longer lines

and more chaos.As the holiday season draws to a close, we

must all remember that the arduous tasks we take in

preparation for the day need to be tendered with kindness.

Though the shopping is hard and fighting the crowds can put

you in an ill mood, remember that in the end will come joy

and peace.

Show some kindness and compassion while doing

your Christmas shopping and try easy the process for all.

This is a time of joy and happiness, for everyone –

including the person who just cut you off or the person who

won’t move their shopping cart out of the way.