Finality is a reality!

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2000

It's all over folks, including the shouting!

The GOP has prevailed, capturing the White House in the process and will evacuate the Demo people at the helm after eight torturous years of ignominy.

The Bush will burn brightly at headquarters and will continue to do so for an eternity-provided eternity is limited to four or eight years.

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Vive George W., who'll fill the soon-to-be vacated slots by the Clinton-Gore duo, and thank you very much.

Homage must be paid to our leader, The Greenville Advocate publisher, the one and only Eric Bishop who steadfastly held onto his belief in "off with the old" and "on with the new" dictum, and the belief that what transpired in Washington would certainly transpire.

Eric's forecast was directly on the money, and methinks he'll likely forecast further that a brand new broom will be purchased that will sweep clean the entire menage (which includes, secretaries, under-secretaries and many currently high-placed toadies that dot the D.C. landscape).

The next time you see Mr. Bishop, bow and scrape, ye knaves of little faith.

Bishop has been right on the money (again) in every area of politics of late.

He not only predicted the Butler County and U.S. winners, but endorsed them editorially as well on the opinion pages of this journal.

In addition to G.W. Bush, he predicted and likewise endorsed the winners in the contested seats at Greenville City Hall: Mayor Dexter McLendon, and Councilmen Steve Norman, Otto Duke and Gale Slagley.

Contested seats on the Butler County Commission likewise were prophesized and endorsed in this category: Jesse McWilliams, Joe Hendrix, William Phillips and Gary Hanks.

But, back to the Presidential offering, dictated by our own Swami who comes here from the great State of Texas: congratulations Eric on your perspicacity.

It is with a note of tristesse that I mention the passing of good friend C. Ruis Russell who could accomplish most anything he put his hand to.

At age 63, Ruis expired after a fight with demon cancer and pneumonia.

In earlier years, at high school age, and weighing about 140 pounds, he was a fearsome football player who unjointed many opposing teams' running backs.

He leaves many kinfolk bereft in Greenville, including brother T.R. (Tommy Russell) and nephew MacDonald Russell. R.I.P.