The servant of all the people

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 16, 2000

With the concession speech in, the election is finally over.

For the next four years, we will once again have a President Bush.

History will probably record this as the closest election ever.

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Though there may be lingering resentment

on either side, given the litigation after the election, one might wonder, "what if the election had gone the other way?"

If Gore had been elected by such a small margin, would Bush have been wrong to challenge the results?

We say no. We don't think Gore was wrong, either.

No one should be chastised for wanting the count correct.

And remember, no matter who you vote for, an elected official is the servant of the people–all the people.

No monument can be constructed large enough or grand enough.

There can be no building built by man that could adequately pay the proper tribute deserved of these people.

Though the monument is a step in the right direction, each person should remember for themselves what effect the war had on them.

Children today need to know what gift their grandparents gave them, for tomorrow they may be called on.

The youth of today need a window to the past to inspire their efforts in the future.

Perhaps the World War II memorial will do this.

We believe, however, that it is the parents who ultimately must instill the ideals of the past in their children.