Insanity creeps in its petty pace

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 7, 2000

It's a topsy-turvy world, my friend, a world chock-full of events that defy the imagination.

Many of these events also defy explanation and appear to have imposed themselves on civilization for no apparent reason.

Just recently, for instance, multiple deaths have occurred at sporting events-soccer in two instances-where the "fans" exhibited very unsportsmanlike conduct in trampling and suffocating one another out of existence.

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In another "f-rinstence", hundreds of hippie-like folks were arrested and jailed in England for defying law enforcement officers by persistently trying to participate in a forbidden (legally) hard-rock festival at Stonehenge.

Now, Stonehenge is a prehistoric stone structure on Salisbury Plain and as such is near and dear to the hearts of the British historical society of that area. They resented, and rightfully so, any desecration at the Stonehenge site as had been practiced by the same-type people in the past.

In recent history there was this religious cult in California whose leader, "Reverend" Jones led his communicants out of the country to his "Promised Land," and persuaded them their only salvation would be to self-destruct. This they did in great numbers.

If suicide is the only way one can save one's soul, salvation is not for me. Give me liberty.

Then there was Watts, out in Los Angeles, where mayhem, piracy, death, destruction and "Burn, Baby, Burn" were the order of the day.

Sociologists of the liberal persuasion have said those folks were deprived types, and besides the weather-another contributing factor-was unseasonably hot.

Those are excuses?

The weather here is depriving many of us of our reason-so, let's just go out and maim and kill a few folks.

Going back a little further, there was Hitler who did his best to kill all people of Jewish extraction, and to dominate the world as its one and only all-powerful dictator. Everyone knows the rest of the story.

The list goes on, with Mao Tse Tung's murderous history, Joseph Stalin, Attila The Hun (called the Scourge of God), the Roman Coliseum days when Christians were fed to the lions, and on and on-

Thank goodness these examples constitute the exception and not the rule. Otherwise, utter chaos would be rampant.

While disorder hits sporadically here, there and yonder, lending credence to the "topsy-turvy" assertion, above, everything is hunky-dory with your Advocate staff.

Our people here maintain a sane and steady approach to matters both large and small, at all times, no matter how chaotic may be the world about them.