‘Fabulous Friday’ this week

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2000

The merchants of Main Street, Inc. are helping to bring in

the holiday spirit to Greenville, by sponsoring ‘Fabulous

Friday’ this Friday night.The Christmas Season in-town will

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kick-off this week, when the Greenville Area Chamber of

Commerce hosts its annual Christmas Parade on Thursday

night, at 6:30 p.m.&uot;We wish to invite the citizens of the

community to keep their tax dollars at home, where they will

be spent on things to benefit this community, not some big

city away from home,&uot; said Nancy Idland, program manager for

Main Street, Inc., a community-based organization of

business-owners and operators here in Greenville.&uot;This

Friday, we will host ‘Fabulous Friday’, which means that the

businesses downtown will be open extra hours, and not close

until 7 p.m., for the convenience of the shoppers,&uot; Idland

said. &uot;We want the public to know that this is just the

first of two special nights for shopping at home.&uot;Idland

went on to discuss the second event. &uot;We will host ‘City

Sidewalks’ on Friday, Dec. 15, when our merchants will once

again be open until 7 p.m.,&uot; she said. &uot;This will be our

biggest event of the season,&uot; Idland said.&uot;During the City

Sidewalks, shoppers will be able to enjoy buggy rides,

carolers, spiced cider, and Mrs. Claus is even going to stop

by,&uot; she said. &uot;For those who haven’t had that experience

before, Mrs. Claus will visit with the children, and tell

stories to them.&uot;In the spirit of the ‘David Letterman’

show, Idland has put together a ‘top ten reasons to shop at

home’ list. &uot;10-Sales clerks know you, and your needs;

9-there is easy and convenient parking; 8-you see your

friends as you shop; 7-free gift wrapping; 6-no waiting in

long lines; 5-friendly service; 4-good prices; 3-good

selection; 2-saving those precious hours by being at home;

and the number one reason to shop at home: Your tax dollars

stay in your hometown,&uot; she said.