Spin doctors only get one vote Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 17, 2000

Matters have come to a pretty pass when one side attaches a sinister motive to every act or deed performed by the other side.

And vice versa.

That's the bare-knuckled approach that prevails in this modern-day world of political conflict and we the "peepul" are subject to all its ramifications.

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As the present day history of our degenerating times is being written we have the leading figures of the two major parties of our system of government clutching and clawing at one another like a pair of infuriated pit bulls.

And much confusion is added to this already tangled web of emotions when the commentators of the great "eye" (TV) set about to explain what's a-goin' on with the major political parties.

They (those so-called newsmen), almost to a man, indicate by innuendo and poorly veiled suggestion, that this leader, or that leader is a consummate ass; depending in part on that commentator's personal leanings.

It is thus that the mindsetto some minuscule extent, at leastof the American public is established.

The most galling facet of the news coverage of those parties is the drivel of the various commentators who, in their all-knowing wisdom explain in excruciating detail the candidate's address you have just listened to.

When Brokaw (or whoever) finishes telling you again what you've just heard, he turns to another commentator and asks him to dissect the speaker's deliverances.

This he does, in torturous fashion, sometimes sneering, sometimes frowning, but always with varying intonations designed to persuade you to adopt his views. It is thus, by innuendo and thinly-veiled nuance, that they attempt to influence your vote.

But wait just a minute folks, they can persuade away, with graphs, polls and other indicators designed to sway your opinion, but there's a factor they may have overlooked.

And that factor, my friends, is the rugged individualism of the American people.

Many of those TV jockeys have failed to take into account the fact that folks are capable of independent thought; that they not only can, but will make use of that God-given talent when crunch-times get here.

So, no matter the sinister motives or other impedimenta, the by-and-large public will exercise its prerogative when the lever is pulled.

And, we'll all live with the results.