Nov. 7 election is about progress, people

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 17, 2000

Voters will get more than a mouthful when reading the ballot next Tuesday. A new President, a ton of Amendments to the Alabama Constitution, lots of judges and the Butler County Commission will be decided by the time folks go to bed next Tuesday night.

The Advocate has provided readers with some information about the amendments, particularly those affecting Butler County. We've also made voting recommendations on some Amendments and races.

Those are:

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President and Vice-President:

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Amendment 1: Yes

Butler County School Tax Referendum: Yes

Butler County Commission districts two, three and five are contested. districts two and three pit Democratic and Republican candidates against each other. In district five, a Democratic and Independent candidate are vying for the seat.

Our selections for these seats are based on our beliefs of who can provide the direction and leadership to keep Butler County moving forward. In fact, we believe any of the candidates would make good commissioners.

Campaign ads and discussions have, of course, focused on jobs, protection and education. It's a tough call when the basic platforms of candidates are so similar.

Two Democrat members of the five-seat commission are already decided, in that Gary Hanks and Daniel Robinson are running unopposed. Hanks fended off a barrage of challengers in the June primary, and Robinson was unopposed then, too.

A strong consideration goes to the candidates we feel will work best with those two commissioners.

District two: Jesse McWilliams

McWilliams, a Democrat, is probably the most passionate candidate on the ballot in Butler County, in any district. We appreciate his understanding of the Alabama Sunshine Law, which governs the meeting habits of governmental bodies, and his desire to hold meetings at a time convenient for citizens to attend. McWilliams is committed to bridging the gap between our county and municipal government. He's also a believer in accountability for county employees. We appreciate that.

District three: Joe Hendrix

Hendrix, a Republican, unseated challenger Vernon Herring four years ago, and has been an active voice for the commission. As the only Republican on the commission, Hendrix has worked harmoniously with other commissioners.

District five: William Phillips

Phillips, a Democrat, knocked off incumbent Tex Kervin in the June primary, and seems committed to bettering Butler County.