Georgiana out-cats J.F. Shields, 30-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 15, 2000

The Georgiana Panthers hosted the J.F. Shields Panthers Friday night in what would be the last regular season game for Georgiana before going to the playoffs, with the final score of 30-16, Georgiana.

Shields broke the goose eggs on the scoreboard first, when with :15 seconds left in the first quarter, Davis carried in a nine-yard run. Marshall ran the conversion, and the score was 8-0 Shields.

It wasn't until 3:01 was left in the half that Georgiana scored. Cornelius Bellamy made a 23-yard reception, followed by Luscious Bradley running in the conversion, and the game was tied, 8-8.

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Georgiana came back from the lockers after halftime with vengeance on their minds. With 10:14 remaining on the third quarter clock, Charles Curry made an eight-yard run, followed by a Bradley conversion, and now the score was 16-8, Georgiana.

With 8:48 left in the game, Jesse Henderson made a 19-yard reception to score the TD, and Bradley again handled the conversion. Now the gap was increasing, with Georgiana up 24-8.

J. F. Shields had one last claim to fame when, with 4:51 left in the game, Marshall made a 12-yard reception, and also ran the conversion, to make the score 24-16, Georgiana.

The last score of the night was when there was :47 seconds left, and Chad Smith brought in an eight-yard run, to make the score wind up at 30-16, Georgiana.

Georgiana had 16 first downs, and Shields had 14. Georgiana had two punts for 55 yards, and Shields had two for 45 yards.

Georgiana suffered six penalties for 40 yards lost, and Shields took 15 for 105 yards in loss.

The Tiger's leading rusher was Davis, who carried the ball 10 times for 55 yards; their quarterback had nine passes for 28 attempts, with one interception. They went 156 yards in passing, and 155 in rushing, for a total of 311 yards.

Georgiana's Bradley carried 121 yards on 23 carries, and Curry went 60 yards on 15 carries.

Georgiana's QB went four for seven attempts at passing, for a total of 155 yards. They had 233 yards in rushing, for a total yardage of 388.

Next week the Georgiana Panthers will travel to Houston County on Thursday night, for the first game of the playoffs.