Election dispute settled, city government can move forward.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 15, 2000

The suit filed against Dexter McLendon by E.R. &uot;Gene&uot; Hudson protesting the recent

mayoral election was dismissed this week by Circuit Judge Ed McFerrin, following a

request for dismissal from both parties.Fortunately, the parties decided that the final

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score at the ballot box should remain the final score. Now, McLendon and others on the

city council can move about their business.We respect Mr. Hudson’s right to protest the

election, and feel that if he thought there was a problem with the election, that he did the

right thing.Lots of daggers have been jabbed during the past two months -some of them

in good spirit and some of them in poor taste. Now that the election is settled, we hope

things can return to normal, and folks like McLendon, Jeddo Bell, Otto Duke, James

Lewis, Steve Norman and Gale Slagley will be encouraged and supported as they set

forth to make proper decisions for Greenville. These are good folks and they are making

a huge sacrifice to represent our city. We believe in them. We’ll be there to give them a

pat on the back when they do something good. We’ll be there to lend them a helping hand

when we believe we can make a contribution.We’ll even be there to give them kicks in

the rear when we think they can do better.Greenville, Alabama is a good place to live.

We look forward to the next four years, and the things that can be done to make it even

better.Let’s work together, and good things will come.