Seasons change, fashions change

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 16, 2000

Though it's still a scorcher out there, fall is finally approaching and with a change of season there always comes a new fashion forecast.

As the song says, "everything old is new again", and for some of us, it will be a fashion and beauty "flashback" once more.

Remember a little TV show from the 70s called "Charlie's Angels"?

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A new big screen version is coming out this year, and it's definitely influencing the look you'll be seeing in the department stores for the autumn season.

Low-rise pants in prints with boot-cut legs, deep-dyed jeans, chain belts, body-hugging knits, shiny satin shirts, halter styles and fanny-wrap sweaters are all part of the fashion look for the fall.

Hot colors for cool weather include warm, rich colors such as deep orange, fiery red and denim blue.

Brownin warm shades and very basic is being called "the new black".

Patterns will take center stage, including checks and plaids from small to large, floral prints and embroidery.

Sheer, sleek looks with metallic touches will be in voguethe gleam of both silver and gold will be popular in clothing, jewelry and makeup.

Streamlined shapes with functional details such as Velcro, zippers and the new stretch fabric blends are important, too.

A modern-romantic look will appeal to many: simple, feminine silhouettes (look for the slip dress to return) of lightweight, feel-good fabrics.

Sweaters, a perennially popular cool weather staple, are thicker, more textured and more fitted than in past years, unlike the over-sized "boyfriend" sweaters of past seasons. The turtleneck is always popular.

This year's style has a looser, more comfortable neck than in years past.

Tweed is big this fall, and look for it in suits, in styles to suit many body types, with pieces that can be worn separately for extra mileage.

Suede is appearing once again, along with convincing faux suedes which are machine-washable as and buttery soft as the real thing.

Speaking of fakes, fake fur is still very popular-you'll see it not only in coats and jackets, but as trims for suits and sweaters as well.

It's certainly less priceyand less controversialthan the real thing.

Have you always been mad for plaid?

This is your year, ladies.

You'll see plaids of every stripe and color in comfortable jumper-styles, in slacks (for those with trim lower bodies), in skirts, shirts and accessories.

Some are dubbing this "The Year of the Coat" and the classic trench take top honors.

You'll see it in traditional fabrics as well as the popular metallics.

The call of the wild can still be heard, with reptile prints joining with the animal prints already seen in stores.

To keep it from looking too "wild", pair an animal print skirt or slacks with a simple neutral soft cardigan and shell and add a skinny belt (very stylish) at the waist over the bottom sweater.

And, yes, the sweater twin set is still very much a` la mode.

A neutral set is great with all the plaids and animal prints; try one in a lovely muted or bright shade of lavender or rose to pair with your dark fall pants or a flowing floral skirt.

Top this look off with a strand of pearls for a very classic, romantic and stylish fall look that suits many ages and body types. (The right shade of sweater will also really flatter your complexion and hair coloran added bonus.)

Blouses are making a comeback, after taking a backseat to tees and tanks for years. Look for them in distinctive or signature prints.

In accessories, the animal and reptile prints continue in popularity, seen in everything from hair bands, belts and bags to scarves, wallets and shoes. "Skinny" belts in leather and metallic styles are in vogue. And hallelujah for all the pear-shaped bodiesbig shoulder pads are officially a classic accessory now.

Boots are big this year, including the side-zip knee high style with heels. (How many of us had at least one pair of those?) The wedge shoein loafer, pump, and Mary Jane styleswill continue to have leverage this fall as well, along with chunky-heeled styles.

Stiletto heels, harking back to the 60s, will be seen on those with the knees to still handle them.

As the steamy days of summer continue, why not stop and say, "There's no time like fall . . .there's no time like fall . . ." Maybe, Mother Nature will relent and we'll all have the opportunity (in the not-too-distant-future) to wear some of these great fall looks.