Health screening could prevent problems

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 22, 2000

Stopping by the Dunbar Park Community Center on Wednesday, Aug. 9, could quite possibly save your life.

Life Line Screening, an Ohio based professional, non-referral vascular screening service, will be conducting a screening program at the center on that day, and will offer three primary health screenings to detect the risk of stroke and vascular disease. These tests will include a carotid artery screening test, and abdominal aortic aneurysm test and an ankle brachial index, which test for peripheral arterial disease. Women will also be able to be tested for osteoporosis.

A physician typically does not order an ultrasound evaluation on someone who has no symptoms of vascular disease or osteoporosis. This screening allows individuals to have themselves checked for indications of vascular disease or osteoporosis as part of their own personal prevention plan.

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If a significant finding is noted through the screening process, a report will be provided for the individual to take to his or her personal physician for follow up.

Life Line Screening representatives said the service is not meant to replace a doctor or hospital in any way, but has been established to provide community members with information that can help prevent a stroke or other vascular disease.

The tests use painless ultrasound technology and are conducted by a registered or registered eligible ultrasound technologist. A board-certified physician reviews the results of each test to ensure accuracy of the results before the findings are mailed to each individual.

Each individual test will cost the participant $35. Men and women can receive the carotid vascular, abdominal aortic aneurysm and ankle brachial index tests together for a package rate of $95. Women can take all three tests plus the osteoporosis test for a $120 package rate.

Life Line representatives said Medicare does not cover the cost of these screening services; however, the rates have been drastically discounted for this special screening program.

Life Line Screening is the nation's leading provider of health screenings. By offering the public non-invasive, painless ultrasound screenings, Life Line helps patients identify their risk for stroke, the presence of vascular disease or osteoporosis early enough for their physician to begin preventative methods.

Also available at the screening site will be free information on the identification and control of risk factors, how to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of stroke and other vascular diseases as well as helpful information regarding osteoporosis.

Anyone interested in the screenings must register at least 24 hours in advance by calling 1-800-407-4557 to schedule an appointment for the tests. Each test will require about 10 minutes, and representatives request that individuals wear loose, comfortable clothing.