Greenville youth All Stars win sub-district, go to district tournament this week

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Starting out on July 6, the Greenville Dixie Youth All-Star Baseball team made their trek to the sub-district tournament in Troy.

Game one had Greenville hosting the visiting Troy American.

In the top of the first inning, Greenville's pitcher David Moore (13) struck out Troy's first batter on calls.

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Troy's next at bat hit a fly ball out to center fielder Lynn Lewis (6) for out number two.

Troy's third batter walked to first, and advanced to third base after their next batter hit a double.

That was all Troy was allowed in the first, because their next batter hit an infield fly to Greenville third baseman Will Farrar (14), and the sides retired.

Leading off for Greenville was center fielder Lewis (6) with a base hit.

Next, second baseman Brady Newton (7) also made a base hit, but the fielder's choice play caught Lewis at second on the force.

Catcher Adam Moore (15) was up next, and hit a base hit.

The fielder's choice play from this caught Newton out at second base.

Next up, pitcher David Moore (13) attempted a base hit, but a fielder's choice play caught Adam Moore out at second, and the sides changed.

In the top of the second inning, it was an easy one-two-three outs for Troy National, with a strike-out, and then two singles that ended with fielder's choice plays at second base.

With no score yet for either team, the sides retired.

Leading off for Greenville in the bottom of the second, shortstop Michael McDonald (3) hit a ground ball to short, and was caught out at first.

Next at bat., third baseman Will Farrar (14) struck out after three pitches.

Left fielder Jon Golson (8) came up to the plate next, for a base hit after a full count.

First baseman Ben Coker (12) came to bat next, and also made a base hit after a full count.

The third out came after hit a ground ball to second, and was caught out at first base.

Still, the sides retired with no score.

In the top of the third, Troy sent four batters to the plate.

The first made a single.

This was followed by two strike-outs and another single.

Troy's last out of the inning came after another strike-out, and the sides retired.


the bottom of the third inning, David Stephenson (5) led off with a walk to first base.

This was followed by Justin Hester (2) with a base hit, but it caught Stephenson out on the force to second base.

Caleb Blackburn (1) and Rico Johnson (9) followed up by both striking out, and the sides retired.

Troy American broke the scoring silence with two runs in the top of the fourth inning, but Greenville allowed no more, and the sides retired.

Now in the bottom of the fourth, Greenville would not be out done, and managed two runs from Adam Moore (15) and David Moore (13).

When the inning ended, the score was tied up at 2-2.

In the fifth inning, neither team made any score, and the case was the same for the sixth.

The top of the seventh inning saw Troy American send five batters to the plate, but Greenville held them back.

In the bottom of the seventh, Lynn Lewis walked to first, and was followed by Brady Newton, who hit a fly ball out to shortstop.

Lewis made it to second base on a failed pass attempt by Troy American.

Adam Moore then came up to the plate, and walked to first.

David Moore then came to bat, and with a base hit, brought Lewis in to the plate, and Greenville won with a final score of 3-2.

In Game number two, there is no doubt that Greenville dominated the game against Brantley.

Not a Greenville player was without a run to his credit during this match up.

Greenville's top scorer was catcher Adam Moore (15), who got in to the plate four times.

Scoring three runs a piece were center fielder Lynn Lewis (6), first baseman David Stephenson (5), Caleb Blackburn (1) and pitcher Jon Golson (8).

David Moore scored one run, and every batter left on the Greenville lineup scored two runs each.

The final score after just five innings of play, a phenomenal 32-1 Greenville.

Game three saw Greenville suffer their only loss in the3 entire series, to Luverne, by a score of 3-2.

In game four, Greenville shut out Brantley, this time by a score of 12-0.

In game six, Greenville again faced Luverne, this time as the visiting team.

With only one loss to their record for the series, Greenville let

Luverne score one run in the first inning, but that was all.

In the top of the sixth, Will Farrar and Rico Johnson each brought in a run for Greenville, making the score 2-1 Greenville.

The Luverne team was unable to score any more runs , and after six innings of hard play, Greenville was the Sub-District champion team, and gained the right to go to Dothan for the District Championship Tournament.