Greenville all star junior girls go to Andalusia; come back after two games

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2000

On June 24,

the Junior All-star Girls Softball Team, ages 13-14 competed for two games in the sub-district tournament held in Andalusia.

In the first game, early on Saturday morning, Dothan played host to visiting Greenville.

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Neither Greenville's or Dothan's girls were able to make any runs in the first inning.

In the bottom of the second inning, Dothan was able to sqeak one run out before the sides retired.

Leading off in the top of the third for Greenville was catcher Heather Norris (7), who made it to first base with a walk.

Next up first baseman Lashondra Cottrell (6) hit a base hit.

Following next at the plate was second baseman Nikki White (47), who hit a ground ball to Dothan's pitcher.

The pitcher then threw the ball to second base, getting Cottrell out, then the second baseman threw to first to get White with the double play.

Right fielder Gibson then came up from the top of the batting order to hit a fielder's choice.

This gave Norris the opportunity to score at the plate, giving Greenville its first run of the game.

Gibson was followed by Stephanie Townes, who hit a double, and brought Gibson in to make the score 2-1 Greenville.

Whitney Mixon then walked to first base.

She was followed by Jessica Thomas, who hit a ground ball to the first baseman, facilitating the toss to second on a fielder's choice, and Mixon was out on the force, and the sides retired.

Dothan was only able to score one run in the bottom of the third inning, making the score tied at 2-all.

The bottom of the fourth saw Dothan bring in one run, to break the tie and make the score 3-2 Dothan.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Dothan was again held back to one run, but now the lead was 5-2 Dothan.

In the bottom of the seventh, Dothan was easily picked-off -one two three- with a ground ball played out from Greenville pitcher to first baseman; the next two outs were fly balls caught at left and right field.

The game ended with Dothan winning, 5-2.

In game number two, the competition was stiffer than in the first.

Greenville was again the visiting team, and took to the plate first, with Elba in the field.

When Elba came up to bat in the bottom of the first inning, this turned out to be their most productive inning, scoring six runs straight in a row.

Their first batter hit a single, and the second walked to first.

The third up also hit a single, filling up the bases.

Next, a grand slam home run brought in four runners to the plate.

The fifth batter hit a single, and was followed by another home run for two more runs in.

No more runners were able to score during this inning for Elba.

Elba's last batter in the first inning hit a ground ball to second baseman Stephanie Townes (49) who easily tossed the ball to first baseman Whitney Mixon (3) to get the out and change up the sides.

In the top of the second,Greenville was unable to score.

In the bottom of the second, Elba led off with a home run, followed by a base hit, Making the score 7-0 Elba.

Elba's next batter hit a fly ball to shortstop Newton, who was able to toss the ball to second baseman Torri White (46) for the tag out on the first Elba runner and the double play.

Elba's next up batter hit a single, and was followed up with a pop fly to centerfielder Black, and the sides retired.

In the bottom of the third, Elba sent six batters to the plate, but remained without a run for the inning.

The top of the fourth inning was Greenville's biggest streak of scoring.

Leading off was pitcher Jessica Thomas (45) with a walk to first.

Next up, centerfielder Kimberly Hittel (31) hit a single, followed by shortstop Lakyn Newton with the same.

With the bases loaded, right fielder Hope Gibson (12) hit a grand slam home run, and four runs scored, making it 5-7 Elba.

Catcher Heather Norris (7) was up next, and hit a long fly ball up to Elba's centerfielder, making out number one.

Left fielder Lasondra Cottrell (6) came up to the plate next, and hit a single, followed by second baseman Nikki White (47) who also had a base hit.

Next at bat was Brianne Black, with a base hit, and an error by Elba's pitcher allowed Cottrell and White to score, making it a tied game at 7 all.

Stephanie Townes was up next, and walked to first on balls.

Whitney Mixon came up to the plate, and also walked to first.

When Jessica Thomas came up to bat, her single made a fielder's choice play for Elba, and their shortstop caught Townes out at second base.

Hittel returned to bat again, and her base hit turned into a fielder's choice for Elba, catching Thomas at second, and the sides retired, with the score tied-up at 7.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Elba managed to score four runs before the sides changed again.

Going into the top of the fifth, Elba was ahead 11-7.

Greenville sent shortstop Lakyn Newton to the plate, and Newton hit a home run.

This was followed by a walk to first for Hope Gibson.

Next at bat, Norris came up with a base hit.

With runners on first and second, Cottrell attempted a base hit, and was caught at first, although the two runners advanced.

Next up, Nikki White hit a fly ball to center field, to make out number two.

Brianne Black came up next, and with a base hit, Gibson came in.

Next a base hit by Townes brought Norris in, to make the score 11-10 Elba.

After a fly ball to third base by Whitney Mixon, the sides retired, and the game ended with Elba winning over Greenville, 11-10.