quot;Oh, wind – where were you last July?quot;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 15, 2000

"Oh, wind – where were you last July?"

That's an expression Mama used to repeat during the blusteriest, subfreezing weather that was wont to visit earth in the dead of winter.

Now, we have just the opposite reaction to the summer that arrived here in late May.

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Summer crashed onto the scene with a vengeance, featuring a splash-down of gigantic, Niagara Falls proportions, accompanied by searing temperatures that would make a blacksmith blanch.

As a result, confusion reigns.

And the current news of the day appears to be right in harmony with the elements.

To prove that assertion, we cite to our readers the electronic preachers who are toppling from their lofty perches, the Middle East unrest and the demonic lust some of the political gang has exhibited.

The entire planet seems to be in a state of turmoil – and extreme agitation.

Despite the gloominess of the picture painted by the actions of man, it's felt here that there is yet a glimmer of hope flickering in the far-off distance, along an almost endless unlit path.

Substance was given to this statement last weekend, when this nation showed that patriotism is yet alive and well and up to the max in popularity.

Even the video boys got into the act, plumping for a showing of more love, support and genuine pride in the credo of Americanism.

While there may be a terrible shortage in the peoples' ability to focus on the sundry contradictory activities of the here and now, they appear to be unified in their allegiance to the land of the "Pilgrim's Pride."

The unification is nearly universal insofar as the U. S. is concerned.

The Camellia City also reflected the aforesaid allegiance with its display of Old Glory throughout, thanks to one of our civic clubs, the Civitans.

Our ministers had their congregations singing "My Country Tis of Thee" and "America the Beautiful," and sermonized in many instances on the responsibilities of the citizenry to their country.

We'll probably be wondering, like Mama, where the wind was last July, come winter.

However, we well know the weather report at The Advocate offices. This is the place where we have a constant reading of fair and mild, temperate conditions.