Concession ladies get hot to help keep crowds cool

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Have you ever stopped to think about what goes on before you get that ice cold drink, or that nice hot hamburger when you go out to the ballpark?

Well, long before you get out of your vehicles and go to the stands to watch the ball games at Day Memorial Park, Wanda Norris, concessions manager, and her crew have been in the stand, preparing to serve up refreshments.

When the doors to the stand are first opened, the temperature is about one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

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After about 15 to 20 minutes with the door and windows opened, and three fans running, the temperature drops to a mere ninety-eight degrees!

Norris, who has been working at the concession for ten years, says

it feels like it gets hotter each year, but

she might consider going for number eleven if air conditioners and plexiglass windows can be obtained.

It takes hundreds of pounds of ice to cool the fountain drinks that are served up, and in addition, there are slush puppies, gatorade, and bottled water, all to be chilled.

During the regular ball season, the booth is staffed by 3 or 4 people, but during the tournaments it takes 4 or 5 to keep the crowds happy.

The average income for the booth during the regular season is $200 to $300 per night, and during the tournaments, the average is between $700 and $800 each night.

Net proceeds from the concessions go toward the purchase of the All-Star player uniforms, and whatever is left helps fund the maintenance of the fields.

Prices for the goodies are as follows:

Candy .05-.50 cents; Hot Dogs $1.00; Polish Dogs and Grilled Hamburgers $2.00;

Boiled Peanuts $1.50 per bag; Hot Nachos and Cheese $1.50; Fresh Popcorn .50 cents; variety of drinks .50 cents to $1 in assorted sizes.

Workers this year are:

Tena Heartsill, Mershell Campbell, Yolanda Crenshaw, Beth Stephenson and Tiandrea Coleman.

The next time you are at the ball park, stop by the concession stand and tell the ladies how much you appreciate their efforts.