Run off results change face of commission

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Managing Editor

Voters in Butler County District One narrowly decided to renew their faith in incumbent Gary Hanks, while voters in District Five overwhelmingly selected candidate William Phillips over incumbent Tex S. Kervin in the run-off election on June 27.

Unofficial results of Tuesday's vote gave Hanks' a victory over challenger Bobby DeShields by just 15 votes with the incumbent receiving 433 votes and the challenger receiving 418.

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The District Five race was

much closer throughout the evening, however, although Kervin trailed for most of it. Phillips lead had been cut to just 22 votes after all the boxes had been counted except Georgiana.

Phillips received a total of 216 votes from the Georgiana precinct to give him a final total of 508, while Kervin received only 69 from the two Georgiana boxes leaving him short with 339 votes.

Districts one and five were the only local elections in the run-off. Districts two three and four voted for state races only. Official results of the run-off for all seats will be published in a future edition.