Moore deserves a chance to succeed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2000

It is hard to get to know somebody in one hour, but there are some folks who seem to lend themselves to you for a

complete personality checkup. Greenville High School's new head coach Terry Moore seems to be one of those people.

In a conversation I had with him last week I am convinced that he is honest,

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friendly and dedicated. He has been coaching at various high schools and junior colleges since 1972 and earned his Masters degree in 1988. He comes to Greenville off of head coaching job at Moss Point High School in Mississippi.

What struck me most about Moore was his goal to improve the participation level of students with athletics at Greenville by helping them to make the needed grades. We all know the purpose of high school is not to finish the football season with an undefeated record, but rather, to acquire the skills and knowledge to face the challenges of life after graduation. Moore seems focused on helping students who want to participate in extra-curricular activities like basketball, football, track and softball to raise their grades. By doing this he will help get a young persons' life back on track and improve the quality of GHS' athletic teams.

This is the kind of attitude that a head coach should have. Moore said that he has always practiced academics before athletics. That is great, because most parents, once they consider it for a moment, would consider him an educator before a football coach or athletic director. He will serve as a role model for hundreds of students and will end up teaching them much more than the fundamentals of football. He will also teach them character and a better sense of priorities, not just for their time in school but well after.

His take on football strategy is also music to my ears–and many others from this region. He likes to run the ball and play defense. But, he knows that throwing the ball is a key to having a successful team and that the passing offense would also have an opportunity.

The most important thing for Moore is to have his team prepared each week. I

truly respect what Moore said regarding this issue. He said that if he had ten players who knew what to do and one that did not then he had not done his job. It isn't easy getting an offense or defense made up of eleven different personalities to get on the same page, but Moore is convinced it can be done.

It is hard to say what type of season the Tigers will have this upcoming season. After all, the season starts in three months and the school has just now hired a head coach and are still looking for two more assistants. But, we should all give Moore the chance he deserves and welcome him into our community with open arms.

Moore is no fool, he realizes that he will ultimately have to prove himself by how well his team plays on Friday nights. But, perhaps we should also consider the successes he may have from Monday through Friday–in the classroom.