Drought affects us all, especially farmers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2000

Most everyone in the county and surrounding areas has suffered from the recent drought. However, farmers seemed to be feeling the effects of minimal rainfall the most. Because of the lack of rain, many crops have died in the fields or not even been planted. Cattlemen are already feeding their cows from their winter stock to keep the animals from going hungry from lack of grass to eat. The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry, in conjunction with the Butler County Extension Office has provided local cattlemen with a little relief. The two groups have gathered excess hay from farmers around the South where the drought has not affected as much and hauled it to Butler County to give to area farmers free of charge. Without farmers, the country would not eat as well as it does today. It is admirable that these farmers are receiving the assistance they so desperately need to keep feeding the county and the nation. We know the farmers greatly appreciate the help in their time of need.

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