Supercharged quot;Buddyquot; rarely has time to catch breath

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 27, 2000

She purely sparkles, does this supercharged bundle of energy.

She gets things done, this gal does, and she gets them done in jig-time.

And, after those things are history, her motor continues to rev up as she casts about, like Alexander The Great, looking for other worlds to conquer.

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Who dat? You say.

Well, dat is who we talking bout manand they ain't but one of her. She's the one, the only Judy ("Buddy") Bozeman Manning.

She was born in a year that shall remain anonymous, on a sprawling farm in the southeast central quadrant of Butler County, at Industry, Alabama, to Floyd ("Bud") and Eunice Bozeman.

Buddy, the name she was ycleped with at birth because her father was determined she should be a boy, was the third in a line of three girls. Bud and Eunice had only the three children.

She came into the world with a dark, olive complexion and her two redheaded, freckled-faced sisters informed her she was not really a member of the Bozeman Clan, but an imposter, and they did their best to give her away to other families in the community.

However, all that changed when Eunice, who worked full time in Greenville, made Buddy's sister Hope take complete charge of her baby sister. Hope was nine years older than our subject and she would brook no mishandling of her charge by any outside person or agency.

During her growing up years, Buddy drove the tractor, worked the farm with her Pa, and generally filled the bill as intended, as scion of the ranch.

She is a graduate of Georgiana High School, of Alabama Christian Junior College, and holds a B.S. degree in elementary education from Huntingdon College.

Most of her higher education was completed at Troy State University where she earned her master's in elementary education and the A.A. degree in supervision and administration.

Additionally, she has completed eighty quarter hours toward her doctorate at the University of Alabama. Wouldn't be surprised if in the next year or so we'll be addressing her as Dr. Manning.

Currently, the Butler County Board of Education folks can count themselves fortunate in having her services as coordinator of community education.

In that position she is responsible for organization and implementation of community education, coordinating education and certain phases of community development that result in the maximum utilization of school facilities for all area citizens.

She makes frequent television appearances and speaks to civic clubs and other organizations often in furthering the board's program for total involvement.

Her qualifications have made her an invaluable asset in her chosen career.

Buddy is a member of every educational association available, on the community, county, state and national levels, and has served as an officer in practically every one of them.

Civically, she holds memberships in the Greenville Kiwanis Club, Industry Community Club, Butler County Cowbelles (which she created), and the Sprig and Twig Garden Club.

She scarcely has time to catch her breath between the myriad activities she embarks on, but she always somehow finds the time to oblige when asked to participate in yet another undertaking.

Buddy also scrapes up enough time in some way or another to indulge in her hobbies, which include singing, horseback riding, playing musical instruments and fishing (put a heavy accent on this last one). She's our nominee for Outstanding Young Woman.

Note: The above sketch appeared in The Greenville Advocate (and also graces the volume of Chamber Music and Camellia Bouquets) a decade ago. Since that time "Buddy" has been consultant with the State of Alabama and shares her expertise with educators nationwide.