GHS seniors honored at class night ceremony

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 13, 2000

"Our journey is done, and yet has just begun," ended the poem entitled "Class Poem" written by senior Penny Layton, signifying the choices each of the seniors of the Greenville High School class of 2000 must make.

Tears filled the eyes of students, parents and friends Tuesday night in Tiger Stadium as Layton read these words, at GHS's Class Night 2000.

"You have been my guidance and inspiration," Layton said to her classmates before she began reading the poems.

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Class Night is held each year to honor those students who had succeeded while in school and recognized those receiving scholarships from colleges around the country.

As the class musicians sang the adopted class song, "It's So Hard to Say Good-bye to Yesterday" made famous by Boyz II Men, ir brought tears to the eyes of people in the stadium. The performers, as well as the students, jumped up and cheered to the wild applause of the audience after the song was completed.

The audience also applauded as 41 students out of the class of 152 were acknowledged for their plans after graduation. Principal John C. Black announced each student's name along with the scholarships he or she received. Black also recognized those students planning to join the armed forces upon graduation.

As the principal announced each name, vice principals Joseph West and Don Yancey presented the student with an envelope containing a certificate for their achievements.

"We are proud and are sure these students will do well after high school," Black said. "I know they learned a lot, but they'll get out in the world and learn much more."

Black also thanked the parents for helping the seniors to reach this point in their lives.

Awards were also given to the top ten students in the class and valadictorian Christi Robinson and salutatorian Dehlia Olssen. Certificates were awarded to students who excelled in each subject.

Special recognition was also given to class president Sara Williamson, student council president Lauren Stephenson and yearbook editor Nikki Bishop.

The students who received scholarships were Michael Stoutmire, Letashia Smith, Ashley Smith, Coshard Simmons, Glenda Peterson, Antonio Owens, Jim Heard, Jerome Harris, Teresa Butler and Nikki Bishop.

Students earning the President's Education Award for Academic Achievement were Bridget Haynes, Makita Bowen, Benny Collins, Michael Otero and Sara Williamson

Those students honored for earning scholarships and the President's Education Award for Academic Achievement were George Autrey, Alicia Brown, Crystal Burgans, Kevin Cartwright, William Clark, Rachel Hartman, Elisa Hunter, Feleicia Knight, Penny Layton, Dehlia Olsson, Marcus Patterson, Christi Robinson, Terese Schofield, B.J. Shanks, Michael Sims and Lauren Stephenson.

Students acknowledged for entering the Marine Corp were Desmeon Simpson, Christopher Robinson, Christopher Powell, Robert Carter and Travis Johnson.

Ashley Nelson and Crystal Toles were honored for entering the Navy.

Philip Kelley and Greg Lewis were recognized for entering the Air Force, and Bobby Harrell was acknowledged for entering the National Guard.

The top ten honor students were George Autrey, Crystal Burgans, Rachael Hartman, Elisa Hunter, Penny Layton, Teresa Schofield, B.J. Shanks, Michael Sims, Lauren Stephenson and Sara Williamson.

Students honored for excelling in each class were Desmeon Simpson, agriscience and building construction; Willliam Clark, art; Robert Myrick, auto technology; Dehlia Olssen, band, mathematics, social studies and Spanish; business computer and physical education, Marcus Patterson; childcare, Crystal Burgans; Alicia Waller, drama; Bobby Harrell, electronics; Christy Robinson, English; Lakeshia Raine, home economics; Teryka Evans, marketing; Terrob Cook, ROTC; and Penny Layton, science.

Graduation ceremonies for the class of 2000 will be held May 18 at 8 p.m. at Tiger Stadium.