TG’s: new chef, new dining experience

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 15, 2000

The recent growth at Gobbler Hollow Golf Club has not been limited to the grass on the fairways.

TG's Restaurant, located in the clubhouse, has also been growing and newly named Executive Chef Troy Buchanan is extending a personal invitation to the community to try a meal at TG's first before driving out of town.

"We want

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TG's Restaurant to be the establishment of choice for diners in Greenville, Butler County and the surrounding area," Buchanan said. "And we have been working on some changes in our menu and service that will help us accomplish that goal."

Buchanan said while there have been a few items added to the menu, most of the changes are not visible from first glance. However, he said customers will notice a big difference not only when the waiter brings the food, but also from the first bite.

"Most of the changes we are making have to do with the preparation and presentation of our product," he said. "Our business depends on customers coming back and telling their friends, so the food has become our first priority."

Buchanan, a native of Columbus, Oh., moved to Greenville from Fort Myers, Fla., and has extensive experience in the restaurant service industry.

He said his primary responsibilities as executive chef for TG's are menu and specials planning, banquet and party organization as well as overseeing nightly kitchen operations.

"My goal is to provide the diners of Greenville with the best food possible that is consistent in flavor and preparation," Buchanan said. "We want people in the area to know they don't have to drive to Montgomery to experience fine dining. It truly is available right here at home."

Buchanan said TG's is working to help keep diners here at home by providing the type of food and service diners often look for when they travel to other areas to enjoy a meal.

"Greenville is typically losing restaurant business and other commerce to areas like Montgomery and Troy because the products and services offered here have been limited in the past," he said. "We want TG's to help keep that commerce here at home by taking the extra step to provide a high quality product, excellent service and a fine dining atmosphere that will keep customers coming back."

The establishment provides a variety of sandwiches and salads on its "Fast and Fresh" lunch menu, and has also developed a complete dinner menu that boasts everything from gourmet appetizers to freshly prepared chicken, steaks and seafood. However, Buchanan said the staff is aware of the special needs of many of their customers and will work to accommodate anyone.

"We can prepare anything on the menu with the needs of someone on a special diet in mind," he said. "And if someone has a taste for something not on the menu, all they have to do is ask and 90 percent of the time we can accommodate them."

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner and can currently provide seating for about 80 patrons. The facility will be undergoing minor renovations during the next week to enclose the building's back porch with glass to provide seating for up to 30 more.