Community can help decrease crime

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 25, 2000

We hate to hear when an area business is robbed, but it makes things easier when investigators from the sheriff's office say community involvement was the key to cracking the case.

Two men sit in jail awaiting trial today because of this kind of involvement. And while a Pizza Pro delivery driver may not soon forget the traumatic experience he went through Saturday night (see story page 1), it says a lot for the Greenville community that the two men responsible for the crime were caught through the efforts of

law enforcement and normal people working together.

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Crime is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn't mean that the citizens of the county have to stand by and watch it happen.

So many people could get involved if they wanted to. People hear and see things all the time and choose not to get involved, but as a community working to grow together we must all choose that crime is not something we want around us.

We salute the individuals who kept investigators on the case by providing information. We also salute the delivery driver who kept a clear head in the face of what had to be a terrifying situation and gave law enforcement officials a good start on the case.

We all know crime doesn't pay, but still some people continue to make their living through it. As citizens, it is time hard-working people fight back against those who get by in life at the expense of everyone else. Ordinary people getting involved is the only way our community will ever be able to rid itself of crime for good.