BCSO arrests two men in Pizza Pro robbery

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Deputies from the Butler County Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 emergency call Saturday night from a Pizza Pro delivery driver who allegedly was accosted by two assailants on Kolb City Road and forced to give the pair money and personal property.

Reports indicate that the pizza delivery restaurant on Cedar Street in Greenville received an order for delivery from the Kolb City Road area, but the driver was unable to locate the address originally given.

The driver was again sent out with the order after someone called wondering why it was late. The driver was given directions to the location and again attempted the delivery.

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Reports show that when the driver arrived at the location he was approached by two black males who pulled guns and ordered him back into his vehicle. One of the suspects then drove the vehicle to a secluded section of the road. One of the suspects struck the driver on the head with a gun while the other continued to point a gun at him.

The driver was then forced to surrender an undetermined amount of cash and then forced to remove the Compact Disc player from the dash of his vehicle. The suspects took the property and the keys to the driver's vehicle and then fled through the woods on foot. Reports indicate the driver found his keys a few yards down the road.

BCSO Chief Deputy Kenny Harden said the investigation began immediately after 911 received the emergency call from the driver. Harden said K-9 units from Atmore were called in to track the suspects, but the dogs lost the trail at the Liberty Trailer Park nearby.

Deputies continued gathering information on the case over the weekend and arrested two suspects in connection with the robbery on Monday.

Harden said Robert Johnson, a 19-year-old black male of Poole Road, and Antiune Robinson, a 19-year-old male of the Liberty Trailer Park, were arrested and charged with robbery, first degree, a felony, and are currently being held in the Butler County jail. The money and property have yet to be recovered.

Harden credits his department's good relationship with the people of the community for the quick apprehension of the two suspects.

"This is a good example of the community fighting back," Harden said. "The criminal investigators were able to find out quickly what the rumors were on the street and make an arrest after following up on the information they received."

On Tuesday afternoon, investigators enlisted the help of the Montgomery County Search and Rescue Team to help search for the weapons used in the crime.

Investigators were looking for what was reported as a .38 calibre revolver and a .380 automatic.

However, investigators say they have reason to believe one of the weapons was in fact a sawed-off shotgun which could lead to further charges against the suspects.