Just wait and see what happens

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 11, 2000

One of the interesting aspects of sports is the anticipation it provides. For example, one minute after the college football season is completed, most fans already scope next year's possibilities.

I believe the fanfare around recruiting originated from this anticipation.

Back in the days of "Shug" Jordan and the Bear, recruiting wasn't as highlighted. In fact, if you (a reporter in this case) had asked ol' Shug about what he thought of one of his year's recruiting class, his answer would probably have been the following:

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"Ask me that same question in four years after they played for me and graduated."

It was that simple.

Nowadays, numerous young adults looking for a chance to play their favorite sport are cut short because they don't run that 4.4 forty yard dash or bench that standard weight amount.

In Greenville, some of the athletes are fortunate in that they have realized a childhood dream, to play a sport they love while receiving a great education.

George Nick Autrey, Marshall Watts, Mal Winters and Todd Nicholas have all inked scholarships with some big time schools.

As a community, we should be proud of their achievement. However, after four years, we'll be more proud after they all have worked hard in receiving their respected degrees.

Some people think collegiate athletes have it made.

It is not that simple.

They have to work hard in the classrooms in order to practice every day in those grueling workouts.

There are good athletes with even better character

out there.

However, all we hear about from the media and TV are about those athletes in trouble.

These guys from Greenville will represent us well and give us something to cheer about in the future.

May it be the Major League or their business office.

Just wait and see what happens…it will be something refreshing in this day and time.